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Galactic Arena

Galactic Arena

Galactic Arena


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Galactic Arena is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game that utilizes GAN tokens in order to include different NFTs in various game modes such as The Cage and The Carnival. In this unique game, players can connect their NFT characters from various games into the Galactic Arena ecosystem, allowing them to regain their value and generate revenue. With plans to incorporate characters from over 25 different games, Galactic Arena offers a platform for players to rejuvenate their NFTs or earn additional income.


Galactic Arena is built on the Binance Smart Chain and requires players to have an online wallet to connect with their gaming profile. Whether users choose to purchase and utilize the characters provided in the game or migrate their own gaming NFTs, they can upgrade their characters and compete in various events and tournaments to earn rewards. The ownership of NFTs remains with the players, allowing them to disconnect from the game at any time while retaining full control.

Galactic Arena offers an engaging player-versus-player (PvP) battle mode known as "The Cage." This real-time battle arena allows users to fight against each other and place wagers on the outcomes. The PvP battles feature a wide range of characters, including dragons, trees, and other creatures from different games. This dynamic and unpredictable gameplay ensures constant user engagement and provides the opportunity for substantial payouts for all NFTs involved in the game.

To prepare for battles in The Cage, players can acquire and upgrade characters by participating in The Carnival mode. The Carnival offers a wheel-spinning mechanic where players can win prizes and upgrade their characters, increasing their performance in battles. Strategizing the best upgrades is key to maximizing rewards and achieving success in the game.

In Galactic Arena: The NFTverse, players can choose between two types of characters: native characters and visiting characters. Native characters are the game's own NFTs and can be purchased directly from the in-game shop. They possess special perks and do not require players to hold a minimum amount of the game's native token, GAN, to participate in battles.

Visiting characters, on the other hand, are NFTs migrated from other games into the Galactic Arena ecosystem. Players can connect their NFTs from games like Cryptozoon and Polkamonster, expanding the range of characters available in Galactic Arena. The migration process is straightforward, and once completed, the characters start at a default rank and level. Players can disconnect their characters from the game at any time while retaining ownership of their NFTs.

Token Information

The native currency within the Galactic Arena ecosystem is the GAN token. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 GAN tokens, GAN serves various purposes within the game.

Players can use GAN tokens to purchase characters, upgrades, and in-game items, providing them with the tools necessary to enhance their gameplay experience. GAN tokens are also required to pay entry fees for PvP battles in The Cage, adding an additional layer of strategy and risk.

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to earn GAN tokens through different means. They can participate in The Carnival mode, where spinning the wheel grants them a chance to win GAN tokens and experience points. Additionally, players can stake GAN tokens to earn bonus GAN tokens. These staked tokens serve as a way to generate additional income within the game.

Spending GAN tokens includes making in-game purchases for heroes, upgrades, items, and extra spins in The Carnival. Holding a certain amount of GAN tokens is necessary for participating in The Carnival and The Cage with visiting characters, ensuring equitable gameplay for all participants.

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