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GensoKishi Online

GensoKishi Online

Metap. Inc
MMO, RPG, Metaverse


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GensoKishi Online is a play-to-earn MMORPG metaverse NFT game that utilizes the Polygon blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, ROND and MV. In GensoKishi Online, players will socialize, fight, raid, and cosplay in a massive, living, breathing fantasy world while earning and monetizing their rewards.


GensoKishi Online is the metaverse incarnation of the award-winning Nintendo Switch and PS4 game “Elemental Knights”. GensoKishi Online is a metaverse with multiple game mechanics and different earning methods. The main function of the game is to serve as a 3D metaverse where players can own NFT lands, craft NFTs through resources from the metaverse world, socialize and establish relations, and even marry with NFT marriage certificates. 

The game has various traditional gameplay modes that can earn them income. Such as raid battle mode, in which dozens of people defeat large bosses; MO mode, where players can party with other players in the lobby and climb the tower; and castle defense battle mode, in which a large number of people defend a castle. Demon King Battle Boss mode is where people come together to defeat different levels of strength of the Demon King to earn and monetize their rewards.

Players can earn by playing these modes and staking their tokens for passive income, but GensoKishi also offers various different methods to earn income. UGC (User Generated Content) is an important function of GensoKishi Online in which users will be able to create their own RPG world by obtaining NFT LAND. Perhaps a sequel to a famous RPG will be developed in this world, and this RPG world could be linked to society, goods, currency, logistics, technology, and more. This allows users to craft their own games within the metaverse, and monetize their creations.

As the phrase "UGC to Earn" suggests, those who have staked a certain number of MV tokens will be granted the ability to incorporate UGC into their games. This will allow them to create and sell their own NFT costumes (also known as Fashionable Costumes) in the game. These costumes will have various effects from attributes such as health, status effects, special skills, and motions.

In the game, they can create their own brands and earn cryptocurrencies on the market. Aside from that, they can obtain ownership of specific maps and dungeons by staking MV tokens. This is the right to design the objects in the area, design the monsters that appear, and set the owner's rare items as rare drop items for the monsters that appear. The users can charge an entrance fee for their products, thus creating their own ecosystem in which they can generate passive income. GensoKishi also features an official scholarship program in which players can rent any NFTs if they don’t want to commit to the game by making a purchase and an official NFT marketplace where players can make NFT purchases through the game.

Token Information

The game has two tokens: the MV or the metaverse utility token, which is mainly used outside of the game for building a metaverse world. For creating UGC, purchasing premium equipment, and having DAO governance voting rights. It can also be staked to earn ROND tokens, the game’s main in-game currency token. ROND is the main currency that constitutes the GensoKishi in-game economy. Purchase items and merchandise at the mall. It can be used for various activities, such as admission to museums and other exhibits inside the Metaverse. Admission to concerts, events, and other events held inside the metaverse Purchase items, base weapons, and protective equipment, and join exclusive or special modes only available under certain conditions. It can also be used for admission to enter UGC (user-generated) maps. Challenger fees to take on new quests and finally admission to physical GensoKishi events.


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IDO (TrustPad)16-18 Jan 2022$0.019$200,00210,526,42128 months lock up, 3,5 months release cycle, released in 9 installments of 1/9 each
Private---100,000,00024 months lock up, 3 months release cycle, released in 9 installments of 1/9 each


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