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Go! Health Hero

Go! Health Hero

Health Hero Inc.
Sports, Simulation
Not available


Go! Health Hero is a play-to-earn blockchain sports simulation platform where users can own NFT wellness cards and earn HLTHY tokens. The game compensates players for living a healthy life. Players can keep track of how many steps they take each day, compete with each other in different daily challenges, and take part in different missions. The game is available on PC platforms.


Players have to buy a Go! Bot in order to start collecting tokens and taking part in daily challenges and missions in Go! Health Hero. With these bots, players can keep track of their NFT wellness record cards and use them to play minigames on the platforms. In Health Hero City, players can make and sell in-game items, settle and farm their own virtual plots of land, earn money and levels by fighting Go! Bots in player-versus-player (PvP) competitions, and join global leaderboards.

Earning HLTHY tokens entitles players to free healthy food and health plans. A user can make more than enough HLTHY tokens to cover these basic needs while still having money left over to continue earning in other ways, such as staking and other activities.

Additionally, players have the option to buy, earn, and create in-game items that can either be used themselves or traded for tokens on the Health Hero marketplace.

Players can sync their fitness trackers, such as Google Fit or Apple Health, with the game and log their daily steps. There is a daily cap of 5000 steps for earning tokens. Hearts are used to track the player's progress. Players can receive up to three hearts, where each heart equals roughly a thousand steps. Before users can begin earning HLTHY tokens, they must have at least two hearts. Earnings begin when the user reaches 2500 steps and continue until they reach 5000, at which point they stop. Users can still sync their steps to use them for the leaderboard and to compete in challenges.

Aside from tokens, the game also awards the player with experience points, hero points, levels, and star power. Each of these attributes boosts the player’s earnings. Players can level up their Go! Bot by doing things like checking in every day, uploading screenshots of their activities, or just following the game's social accounts.

Token Information

The HLTHY token is the native token of Go! Health Hero. It can be earned by doing challenges in the game, tracking your steps, or completing missions. HLTHY tokens can be directly used to buy, sell, and exchange NFT assets and tokens in the marketplace.


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