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Goldefy is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT characters and lands while earning GOD tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game offers idle gameplay and earnings with an automated mining system. The game is available to play on browsers.


In Goldefy, players can purchase an NFT character called Goldy. Goldys possess five gem attributes and have body parts such as body, eyes, mouth, ears, horns, hands, and feet. Each Goldy has a random attribute that is stronger than the other four. Goldys can breed and create new offspring that will carry their parents’ attributes. The breeding process requires in-game tokens and completing certain missions. The breeding outcome is based on the star level of Goldys. Since the newborn Goldys have a chance to have a higher star rating, in order to keep the value of the parent Goldys, players can upgrade their star ratings. The enhancement process acts as a supplement to breeding, and it can uniquely allow a player to own a six-star character that has two strong attributes. The enhancement process can be done limitlessly, while the breeding process can only be done seven times.

Every Goldy has stamina that lasts for a limited time. Auto-mining system utilizes their stamina as fuel. Mining volume is dependent on the NFT Goldys, and it can be upgraded through the enhancement process. Mining only requires staking NFT Goldys, and the players don’t need to monitor the process. Purchasing an NFT land allows players to auto-mine without a miner NFT.

Players can participate in mini-games with their Goldys. These mini-games are multiplayer and require cooperation in the metaverse. They will be competitive, and participating players will be rewarded with in-game prizes. There is a leaderboard system that allocates each player's earned points and ranks them on a leaderboard. The highly ranked players will be rewarded prizes such as GOD tokens. Mini-games can also be included in breeding and character enhancement missions.

Token Information

GOD tokens are used to buy, sell, breed, enhance, and trade character and land NFTs in the marketplace. They are earned through the auto-mining system, in-game events, mini-games, and the leaderboard system.

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