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RPG, Strategy
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Goldmand is a play-to-earn blockchain resource management NFT strategy game where players can own NFT tools and earn GMD, GME, GMM, and GMF tokens on the WAX network. Players can monitor their resources and trade them with other players. The game is available for access through browsers on both PC and mobile devices.


Goldmand allows players to choose from one of the three races; humans, alvars, and sevars. Humans are the main producers of food (GMF), alvars are the main generators of energy (GME), and the sevars are the main miners of minerals (GMM). After selecting a race, players will proceed to the mining hub. There are five slots that players can equip items; three for tools and two for amulets. Additional slots can be purchased if the players want to expand. 

Mining tools can be crafted through recipes and tokens. Recipe crafting needs three tools of the same rarity and some tokens which will result in two tools of higher quality in the end. Token crafting is the minting of new NFT tools by payment of tokens. Tools are categorized into races and they will mine the corresponding token. They can vary in rarities; common, rare, epic, legendary, and artifact. Amulets act as boosters that give random bonuses while mining food, energy, or minerals. There are also land NFTs that grant additional mining power for all races, they grant mining multipliers based on their rarities. Landowners can earn commissions from the players who use their land to mine.

Other than the three main token resources, there is a special fourth resource called Goldmand (GMD). It can be mined through all three other resources. The chance to receive GMD from mining is based on the player’s level. Only after level nine, the players will have a guaranteed chance of mining GMD. Once mined, they can be exchanged for other tokens.

Token Information

GME, GMM, and GMF can be mined through corresponding races and mining their planets. GMD can be mined with the other three tokens. They can be used for crafting, unlocking item slots, as payment for taxes, and staking.


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