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Goons of Balatroon

Goons of Balatroon

Goons of Balatroon
Card, Strategy


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Goons of Balatroon is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn NFT card game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, GOB. In GoB (Goons of Balatroon) players customize their decks made up of creatures and spells and are pitted against each other in a card game and monetize their rewards in return.


Goons of Balatroon is a virtual world in which players can own a Goon and use it to engage in strategic battles with a cleverly crafted deck of cards. Players can join either the Bulas or the Bairs factions and find the Goon that is right for them. Following that, they can explore the challenges presented on the battlefield. Win battles to earn GOB rewards.

GoB battles take place in 1v1 card-based battles, the game doesn’t use the common mana or energy system and instead relies on pure card play. Players will use these cards to conquer tiles on the board and win the game. Around 300 cards are available to the players and 40 of those are non-NFTs which will be available to all players that begin their game. 

Owning a Goon distinguishes the player during battle and ensures superior play-to-earn rewards. All players have free access to a base card pool that is not considered an NFT. This allows players to play the game in a free-to-play fashion and lets them decide if they want to invest in NFT Goons to take full advantage of play-to-earn mechanics. NFT-based Goon Cards are more desirable and powerful, improve battle strategies, and allow players to become more competitive.

Players can play in casual modes for fun, or they can engage in competitive ladder matches or enter tournaments that will reward them with large GOB token prizes. Performing well in-game and climbing up the leaderboard. Top players will earn digital assets such as loot boxes, tokens, and in-game assets every game season. Improving and enhancing their character avatar NFT via good performance opens up the opportunity for larger rewards and their NFT Avatars will level up and become rarer as well.

Players can earn GOB by simply playing the game or leasing their Goon NFT to other players and sharing their game rewards. They can also stake their GOB tokens and receive additional tokens as a reward.

Token Information

GOB token is the main in-game currency and serves as the platform's utility token. Players can earn GOB by simply playing the game or leasing their Goon NFT to other players and sharing their game rewards. Additionally, players may opt to stake their GOB in the staking protocol and receive additional tokens. Players can choose to use GOB or ETH, the native cryptocurrency to purchase card packs, craft new NFT cards, in-game purchase add-ons, and enter into lease agreements with Goons NFT holders.

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Public Sale

IDO (Poolz)30-30 Aug 2022$0.05$200,0004,000,00020% on TGE, then 4-month vesting
750,000,000Market cap: $295,000$37,500,000
IDO (BullPerks)2-2 Jun 2022$0.05$40,575811,49520% on TGE, then 4-month vesting

Circulating Supply: 5,900,000
Private---110,000,0004m cliff, 12% end of cliff, 22% quarterly for 12 months / 2m cliff, 10% end of cliff, 9% monthly for 10 months

IEO ( Startup)30-30 Aug 2022$0.05$100,0002,000,000No lock, no vesting

IDO (GameFi)30-30 Aug 2022$0.05$250,0005,000,00020% at TGE, 4-month vesting

IDO (BSCStation)30-30 Aug 2022$0.05$100,0002,000,00020% at TGE, 4-month vesting


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