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Grasshopper Farm

Grasshopper Farm

Grasshopper Farms, LLC


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Grasshopper Farm is a play-to-earn, idle farming blockchain NFT adventure game that utilizes the Enjin network by adopting ENJ as its cryptocurrency. The game is an integrated, text-based game that runs in Telegram by using a bot. Since it’s a Telegram Messenger game, players don’t have to download anything aside from the Telegram app to reach the game.


The game revolves around NFT grasshoppers. Each grasshopper wears an accessory according to its role in the game. Players need to recruit grasshoppers, develop and upgrade their farms and their buildings, and battle opponents to expand their farms. Grasshoppers aka Hoppers can be sent out to missions to earn rewards and progress the farm for players.

In the game, Hoppers can be trained to be sent on harder missions and battles, with rewards influenced by their Combat Power (CP). A successful training session can create a chance for Hoppers to use better weapons, additionally, increased accessory power which players can trade with other players.

Every Hopper in Grasshopper Farm is an ERC1155 token, which is created on the Enjin network. Hoppers can be mercenaries, doctors, spearmen, mayors, generals, farmers, market watchers, babies, etc. Additionally, one of the hoppers, Ol’ Hopper, can be used as a founder token in the game, allowing players to earn in-game benefits such as improved resource generation, and reduced cooldown times. 

Token Information

Grasshopper Farm uses ENJ as its native token right now. Players can use the ENJ token to buy, sell, or trade Hoppers, in-game buildings, and items. Recently, however, the development team announced the launch of a new native cryptocurrency, HOPS. The newly announced HOPS token will be built on the Ethereum blockchain since the Grasshopper Farm is a part of the Enjin ecosystem.

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Enjin Coin ICO3 Oct — 1 Nov 2017 $$0.0512  $$ 22,959,609 448.429.863
PRE-SALE3 Aug — Aug 2017 $$0.03  $$ 12,000,000 400.000.000


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