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Gunfire AVAX

Gunfire AVAX

Gunfire AVAX
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Gunfire AVAX is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain combat shooter action game where players can own NFT weapons and heroes and earn GUNX and AVAX tokens on the Avalanche network. Gunfire AVAX’s shooting mechanics are fully automated; players only need to control their characters while playing. The game is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.


Gunfire AVAX allows players to participate in two different game modes; stage mode and endless mode. Playing in any of the modes depletes the stamina of the player. However, players can regenerate energy over time. The stage mode acts as a PvE campaign that the players can progress through. It features a world map with different levels that get increasingly difficult. On the other hand, players can join the endless mode, which is a gauntlet mode where players can compete to beat other players’ times on the leaderboard in a fifteen-day season. Scoring highly on the leaderboard rewards AVAX tokens at the end of the season. 

Both of these modes reward in-game gold, experience points, and NFT shards to craft items. Gold, the in-game currency, can be used to fuse NFTs, upgrade items, and unlock talents. Talents are perks that the players can use to increase the power of their hero character. Unlocked talents are automatically applied to the heroes. Other than having talents that affect the gameplay, the primary source of power for a hero comes from weapons and armor. NFT equipment such as weapons and armor each have rarities that range from common to uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythical, and exalted. Weapons give base stats such as power, while armor increases health points and defense. Additionally, gear increases a character's damage against a certain type of enemy, such as melee or ranged enemies.

Before starting a level, players can choose their loadout. This includes deciding on a hero character, weapons, armor, gear, upgrades, and outfits. Players can purchase skins to alter their appearance. Other NFT items can be acquired from NFT chests that are divided into four; golden weapon chest, silver weapon chest, gear chest, and hero chest. Furthermore, there are NFT item fragments that boost the attributes and levels of equipment. These fragments are earned as loot from the game modes.

Token Information

GUNX tokens are the native tokens of Gunfire AVAX. It can be earned from playing PvE modes, from chests, or by inviting a friend to Gunfire AVAX. Aside from GUNX and in-game gold, AVAX tokens are also awarded for in-game participation. Both tokens can be staked for further profits.


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Avalanche ICO (Tokensoft) 15 Jul — 15 Jul 2020 $ 0.50  $ 3,600,000.00 7,200,00012 months421,606,669

Avalanche ICO (Tokensoft) 15 Jul — 15 Jul 2020 $ 0.85  $ 4,100,000.00 4,824,000No lockup421,606,669

Avalanche ICO (Tokensoft) 15 Jul — 15 Jul 2020 $ 0.50  $ 30,000,000.00 60,000,00018 months421,606,669

PRIVATE 1 May — 31 May 2020 $ 0.50  $ 12,450,000.00 24,900,00012 months421,606,669

PRIVATE 1 Feb — 28 Feb 2019 $ 0.33  $ 5,940,000.00 42,900,00012 months421,606,669


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