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Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

Strategy, Action, Simulation
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Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, action strategy NFT game that utilizes the WEMIX network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, MILICO, and TITANIUM. Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict combines the naval combat warfare atmosphere with crypto resource mining elements. The game can be downloaded on PC, IOS, and Android devices.


In the game, players have the freedom of building and developing their military base, upgrading their facilities, and growing their navy, ground, and air forces to become the ultimate power. Players in the game act as an admiral who commands their armies, and they are tasked to build and maintain a powerful naval base while producing and directing their land, air, and sea units, forming alliances with other players, strategizing their next moves, and researching new military technologies to make them more advantageous on the brink of war. Since it’s a play-to-earn game, Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict rewards its players when they increase their combat power ranking, upgrade their naval bases, win battles, complete daily tasks, or accomplish certain missions with in-game rewards. 

The game offers different militaristic NFT assets to players for them to form powerful forces. Kuznetsov, Elizabeth, and Nimitz are aircraft carriers that players can use for their world domination. The Kuznetsov carrier is designed to launch jets from its deck and has a big ammunition depot under its deck which can carry a lot of precious munitions. The Elizabeth carrier is a massive ship with separate bridges for naval navigation and flight control. It has a range of up to 10.000 nautical miles that can be tracked. The Nimitz aircraft carrier is a nuclear-powered ship. It has a huge capacity for aircraft, but at the same time, thanks to its size, its upgrade cost is relatively high. 

In addition to aircraft carriers, players also can encounter different types of aircraft in the game. RF-M is a multipurpose jet that has balanced anti-air, anti-naval, and anti-ground fighting abilities. However, its speed is lowered due to performance issues. EF2000 is an elite full-combat aircraft that is capable of reaching supersonic speeds. It offers superior mobility and a small radar cross-section which makes it harder to be seen on the enemy’s radar. Desert F-16FF is the upgraded version of F-16FF equipped with sensors and radar enhancements. Compared to its predecessor, it has a wide operation range and anti-ground attack power. 

Token Information

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict uses two different cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The MILICO token is the native token of the game. Players can produce MILICO tokens by burning 10.000 TITANIUM tokens. TITANIUM is the in-game token that can be used for jet, ship, aircraft carrier, and equipment productions, building upgrades, and advanced technological research. Players can earn TITANIUM from primary, and daily missions, Titanium Island collecting, game events, Alliance conquests, and server vs. server battles.


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