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GunStar Metaverse

GunStar Metaverse

GunStar Metaverse
Strategy, Action


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GunStar Metaverse is a play-to-earn 2D turn-based artillery game that is on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players are placed on a battlefield where the player and the opponent take turns striking each other with attacks and skills using their pets. Players can participate in several different PvE, PvP or Raid Boss game modes and earn various rewards. The game utilizes two kinds of tokens: GSTS token and GSC token.


In GunStar Metaverse, there are two opposing sides in a fight. Players are placed on one side, and the opponents can be either AI monsters or players. The arena they fight in can provide different advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain and weather conditions such as winds, thunder and tornadoes. They take turns attacking with their pets and using their skills in a round. Each pet the player owns has 3 unique skills: 2 normal skills and an ultimate skill. There are twenty-three types of pets that are divided into rarities from common to rarest; normal, rare, elite, legendary, and ascended. Players can collect pet fragments from encounters. If they have enough gathered, they can merge them into a new pet. Pets can also be rented through the in-game marketplace.

Besides pets, players can utilize different items to achieve various effects. Some items teleport the player, heal their pet, allow them to fire twice in a round or to fire a stronger shot, or even grant immunity to all damage received until their next turn. Each win provides experience for the character, item, and GSC token/RUNE, which will be used to strengthen the pet.

There are four game modes: PvE, Raid Boss, and two PvP modes. The PvE (Campaign mode) is a single-player experience. Each fight in PvE requires a certain amount of endurance, which is called a Ticket. Tickets replenish over time. Campaign mode rewards are experience, GSC, or support items. The Raid Boss provides both single-player and co-op options. Each run in Solo Raid Boss uses 1 Solo Raid Pass. The main reward of the Raid Boss event is the Pet Fragment, which is a rare item in Gunstar. Pet fragments allow players to merge into new pets, and are required for pet leveling too. Besides, players can receive GSC, RUNE, and support items. 

The PvP mode is the multiplayer mode where players can participate both as solo or as a team. PvP modes allow players to be ranked in the solo and team leaderboards. Ranking systems consist of rank levels ranging from intern to master.

Battle PvP is a new mode where players can fight each other through the Seasons. This mode is aiming to deliver easy fighting for the players who have less time to travel in StarWorld. Players use their NFT Pets which are trained & leveled up in the StarWorld then use them in Battle Seasons. Players need to send their pets into this Battle PvP to create a Team of 3 NFT pets to be able to participate in Battle Season. They can rearrange their pets and affect how they fight and can use special battle arena items to support their pets in their battles.

To enter the Battle PvP players need to pay Battle Tickets to join in a Season and get rewards. They can both claim their rewards depending on their status on the leaderboard and from PvP battles after they gained their first ranks and played against other ranked opponents in GSTS tokens. Players can allso challenge other players in the leaderboard regardless of their level, and if they win they will claim their place and push the defeated opponent to one slot below in the leaderboard. As players participate in PvP the total reward for the end of the season increases as a portion of entry fees go into the treasury pool of that season. 

Token Information

GSTS token is used for staking, governance, exchanging NFT pets, borrowing pets from the marketplace, and buying and selling NFT houses. GSTS can be gained from the arena, where you can get a ranking on the leaderboard, trade in the marketplace, and attend special limited-time events such as the open beta. GSC token can be used in the fortune wheel for a chance of dropping items, for merging pet fragments into an NFT pet, leveling up pets, buying tickets, paying for house rentals, and transportation. GSC can be gathered from in-game activities such as the campaign, boss raids, and the arena.


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