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Metaverse, MMO, RPG
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Hangout is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game metaverse where players can own NFT avatars and earn HANG tokens on several different networks. Hangout features a distinct virtual lifestyle of leisure, discovery, and business in a pixelated world.


Hangout is a 2D pixel world created and developed entirely by its users. On nine different blockchains in a single Web3 metaverse, players can create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences while engaging in various social, business, and entertainment activities. These nine distinct regions correspond to different on-chain environments. As the community develops new blockchain integrations, new regions will be added to Hangout, transforming it into a robust multi-chain metaverse. The Ethereum Flatlands is the first region available to new players.

Players' options in Hangout are virtually limitless. They can throw a party with their friends, organize an online meeting with coworkers, show off their NFTs to other players, play games, or simply hang out with other adventurers.

Land NFTs are in-game spaces that players can own in Hangout. Land owners can personalize their space by using special functions like playing music, creating game quests, and decorating their space with in-game objects and NFTs from Hangout partner projects. Users can even construct structures on their land where their friends can interact with them. 

Players can build their own homes or commercial or business buildings on the land they buy. The interior space of each independent building is known as layer 2 space, and players can enter the space through the layer 1 building's entrance. On public land, Hangout or other organizations typically construct a variety of functional buildings.

Hangout has various mini-games to provide more entertaining scenarios for players and communities, such as mazes, escape rooms, murder mystery games, and so on. Players must complete the game in order to receive prizes, which can be in-game props or on-chain NFTs.

Hangout has different kinds of NFTs that can be collected for use in the game or traded on the marketplace. Players can frame and display their items in the layer 2 spaces for other players. There are also options for avatar customization in the game. Different NFT avatars provide players with various actions. The action instructions differ for each avatar, and players must explore on their own.

Token Information

HANG is the primary utility token in Hangout, and it can be used to buy in-game assets, game tool kits, or function unlocks. Furthermore, HANG is a governance token that allows holders to vote on platform governance via a decentralized automated organization (DAO).

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