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HashLand is a play-to-earn, metaverse where players can own NFTs, mine, and take part in various game modes. The main currency is HC, which can be earned through successful participation in in-game modes. There are both PvE and PvP modes where players can battle and form teams.


In HashLand, there is a game mode called Hash Warfare which is a 3D action role-playing game where players participate in PvE and PvP battles. Players can own four heroes. Main Tank is a Tauren warrior who is a melee tank, Lady is a human paladin who can heal and support, Hunter is a troll hunter who is an assassin and a shooter, Golden is a conjurer who can act as a summoner and a mage. Each hero has active skills based on their class. Heroes are upgradeable and customizable with equipment and cosmetic wearables. There are two in-game currencies that can be used in the marketplace. Gold is used to upgrade items, raise hero stars, and upgrade heroes’ skills. Diamond is used to buy stamina, items, game props and can be exchanged for gold. Every player has a power rank determined by the level of the character and the heroes.

In the PvE mode, there are nine chapters where players can earn stars to progress. Each chapter has eight small levels, five big levels to complete, and fifteen stars to gain. PvP mode is called Battle of Dawn, it has an arena where players can enter and battle for higher ranks in the leaderboard. Both modes reward HC, items, gold, and diamond. Players can participate in harder missions called challenges to gain more rewards. There are four challenges in the game; Space Exploration, Fissure of the Earth Core, Astrolabe Travel, and Galaxy Ground. 

HashLand has S-NFT cards that feature five levels, with level one being the lowest. Only level one cards can be purchased directly, while higher level cards can be obtained through upgrades or blind boxes. Higher-level cards have better mining hash rates and stronger character attributes.

Token Information

HC token is earned through participating in both of the game modes. Players need to be successful in the battles to be able to earn tokens. Twenty-five percent of the total HC tokens are reserved for certain purposes. Ten percent of the HC tokens are used for future updates and are given to developers. Another ten percent are pre-mined to attract early investors while a five percent sum will be used for community and contribution rewards.

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