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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Action, RPG

HeroCatGamefi (HCT)

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Developer HeroCatGameFi
Volume $6.53 K
Website herocat.io




HeroCatGameFi is a play-to-earn hero cat metaverse where players can participate in various challenges and events to gain rewards. Every Herocat is an NFT; they can be purchased, sold, and traded freely in the marketplace using the in-game currencies.


In HeroCatGameFi, the combat system consists of fighting different battle stages and clearing them, yielding rewards. Instances are challenges where the player selects from three difficulty modes, pays a certain amount to participate and fight. Players can take on dungeons for a PvE experience and go into the arena for a PvP mode. There is a world boss event where a thousand users can participate simultaneously. It provides greater rewards than other events.

Hero cats can level up by feeding them food. Tiers are tied to levels. A hero will be Tier 1 between levels 1-50, Tier 2 between levels 50-150, Tier 3 between levels 150-300, Tier 4 between levels 300-500, and Tier 5 above level 500. Levels are capped at level 1000. Cats can also rank up a star by using extra heroes of the same level. Cats have varying stats such as attack, defense, hit points, speed, miss chance, and crit chance. They also possess different rarities ranging from common to rarest. 

Token Information

HCG is the basic currency for in-game; it can be used for level and ranking up, merging fragments, arena, summoning heroes. It is acquired by clearing fragment instances. HCT is the token that can be additionally used to increase the hash rate of mining pets. Mining pets automatically mine HCT, they can also be fed currencies to upgrade. HCU is the in-game USDT token that can be traded 1:1. DCAT is called the dollarcat currency, which is mined and stored in a mining pool, it can be used to buy chests and pets on the site. There is also a referral system that helps already registered players and their newly invited friends.

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