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Heroes Land

Heroes Land

Sky Game Studio
RPG, Puzzle
Not available


Heroes Land is a Play-to-Earn, tile-matching puzzle NFT game that utilizes the BNB blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, HALA, HLS. In Heroes Land players will compete and earn while solving puzzle-based battles combined with RPG mechanics, daily quests, and land ownership.


Heroes Land takes the match-3 formula (tile-matching puzzle where the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion) in a dual gameplay mode. Players can switch between the GameFi application to play and earn or they can just play for fun in the traditional mode using a single account. The Play-for-Free mechanism enables players to participate in the game without any initial investment, while the Play-and-Earn mode helps players earn extra income by collecting Tokens and NFT items in the game. To participate in the game, players must own at least 1 Hero. A full team consists of 5 Heroes. Players form a team with 1 to 5 Heroes and set them up for battles. They can acquire these heroes by buying hero boxes, trading, or summoning them using HALA tokens and Soul Stones.

The game offers various in-game activities by combining the match-3 formula with RPG mechanics such as character building and land ownership, and PvE, PvP, Tower Conquest, and Clan battles. It features a complex character system with 50 heroes and 75 gears, as well as distinct locations to adventure and buy land from. Each hero has a differently designed appearance and unique skills, allowing players to choose heroes that suit their playing style freely. And all of these heroes and items are NFTs which the players can trade in the game’s marketplace.

The gameplay is in the form of tile-matching with some bonus features. When three or more tiles of the same element are matched, mana is awarded to any heroes on the player's team that share the same element as the matched tiles. The enemies are then attacked by these heroes. When one of the heroes' mana is depleted, the hero can use its Special Skill. These abilities allow you to bypass the tile-matching challenge and strike the selected enemy.

Players can engage in various PvE adventures and increasingly difficult Tower Conquests and earn NFT and crypto rewards in PvE. In PvP players will compete against each other on a daily limit in the same manner of gameplay, and can earn higher rewards and tokens. Clans battles are also in the same form but they can be played against World Bosses or Daily Bosses, or can challenge each other for rewards.

Players can also earn passive income and resources by owning NFT lands inside the game and staking them. Each Land in the game's Halacia continent has its own distinctive element. Heroes that share the same element as the land gain strength. Players that upgrade, develop, or expand their land will gain matching achievements and titles such as Earl and Lord, as well as first access to any resources spawned on their Land. These materials can be tokens or materials to construct Gears. Players can construct Gears to use or sell on the market after upgrading the Land to a particular level. The higher the level of the Land, the more likely it is that players will get rarer Gears. The same applies to game heroes, as they can be upgraded for higher stats and get increasingly powerful as they progress, and can be traded on the market for a higher value.

Finally, the game has a bonus AFK mode for players that are having a tough time making initial investments for heroes with higher stats, in this mode, players can earn in-game resources even while they are not playing the game. 

Token Information

Heroes Land has two types of tokens. HALA token is the primary token of Heroes Land with a limited supply. HALA is used for trading on the game’s marketplace, upgrading heroes and summoning heroes, stake and earn passive income, and for DAO governance. They are uniquely rewarded for PvP, and through unique events and can be gained by trading. HLS is the in-game utility token with an unlimited supply. It can be used to level up heroes or as an auto-battle fee in PvE gameplay. It can be earned by PvE Campaign, Tower Conquest, Daily Quests, and in AFK mode.


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