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Heroes Lineage

Heroes Lineage

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Heroes Lineage is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, strategy NFT game that utilises the Polygon network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, LINE. In the game, players will play in a medieval fantasy-themed setting focused on strategic combat and group multiplayer content. With different heroes, items, and game modes to play, Heroes Lineage will allow players to generate goods and obtain assets that they can monetize in the long term.


Heroes Lineage isn’t F2P (Free to Play), and players will need to make a minimum investment before they can begin their epic journey. For players whose finances prevent them from participating in Heroes Lineage adventures, scholarships and guild partnerships will be implemented.

The base gameplay revolves around Heroes, participating in PvE and PVP, and acquiring passive income when players aren’t playing the game. The goal of the game is to develop the heroes and reach their maximum potential both in team and level to reach the maximum level zones. 

One of the most significant NFT collectibles in the Heroes Lineage is a hero, players will require a minimum of 4 Heroes before they can start Heroes Lineage. They are permanent NFTs that players must use to go through the game’s content. They will initially be limited to 32 heroes, which they can combine and level as they like. To get to the highest level zones, generally referred to as the end-game, players must grow their heroes to the farthest potential possible in terms of team and level to access the greatest rewards. To get the best rewards, players must advance through the many regions of the game while obtaining equipment and experience awards.

Heroes are divided into four different classes: Knight, Warrior, Mage, and Priest. Each one with different characteristics and utility. All heroes begin at level 1, equipped with only basic gear and no Tier. The basic starting items aren’t NFTs, and players can’t buy or sell them; they’re just there to get the player started on their quest until they can get hold of their upgraded items. The heroes also can be tradable in the game’s marketplace. 

To level up these heroes, there will be different areas on the world map to protect cities from threats and complete daily quests. With each level, heroes will become more powerful by increasing their stats and learning new skills that will define their role within the player’s party. They will gain subclasses, and the more powerful they get, the more their rarity tier improves. Beginning at Uncommon and ending at Mythic, each rarity increases their basic stats and the mission reward by 2%, for example.

Heroes will also need equipable items such as armor, weapons, and jewelry to increase their stats and progress further faster. These items will also have different rarity tiers and stats. Like any NFT, they will be tradable in the Marketplace, and players will also be able to obtain them through in-game rewards.

The gameplay of Heroes Lineage is based on two modes. The solo material is intended for lone players or quick-play casual gamers, while the group content will provide demanding but rewarding gameplay for competitive and social players. The Solo Content of the game is divided into Missions (PvE), Coliseum (PvP), and Catacombs (AFK farming).

One of the most frequent ways for gamers to expend their daily energy and earn prizes is through missions. Every city on the map will offer Daily Missions, and as the game goes on, the missions will offer better rewards and level up players’ heroes. The Coliseum, a PvP arena where players can battle and compete against one another, can be entered once a hero reaches level 20. Players will move up or down in the Elo Ranking System with each victory or defeat. As usual, the benefits get better the higher the rank. Catacombs are farming places owned by Investors, players can farm AFK (passive income) with their heroes and split the income 90% for themselves and 10% for the catacomb owner.

Group content is the multiplayer aspect of the game that offers a more challenging and hardcore experience for the social players. To participate in group content the player needs to be in a clan. Once they have a level 20 hero, they will be able to create a Clan and invite up to 49 more players to a total of 50 players. Creating a new clan will have a fee, but will give the players access to some exciting and rewarding group content such as Raid Bosses (group PvE), and World Bosses (group PvE) that will reward players with better NFTs and higher rewards. Lastly, there are Castles and Sieges (group PvP): Castles are fortifications owned by Investors that generate a passive income among other benefits. The number of Castles is limited, so they will be a scarce resource that clans will need to compete for.

Initially, all castles will be neutral, giving 50% of their passive income to their owner and 50% back to the Game Rewards wallet. Once a Clan sieges a castle successfully and claims it, the income will be split between its owner and the clan members fifty-fifty. After a castle is successfully sieged, another clan might besiege it after two weeks, and the current occupying clan must defend it with its teammates to ensure continued farming passive income. The combat system for these game modes is the same, with classical turn-based action consisting of two phases where actions are selected and then combat being played out in a set order, this is where strategy and ability to predict the opponent’s moves come into play.

Players will reach their first levels in the opening zones, where the game will also introduce the fundamentals of the heroes. They will eventually reach more challenging regions of the game where the missions will offer bigger prizes as they advance and travel to other towns. The main city in each zone will be where players can carry out the majority of their actions, including changing their heroes’ setup and equipment, accessing missions, enchanting their armor and weapons, purchasing equipment chests, withdrawing or depositing tokens from the bank, and traveling to other places. The reward for the quests will be mainly LINE tokens and Experience for the heroes and, through special missions, NFTs.

Token Information

Heroes Lineage uses LINE as an in-game and primary token. LINE is an ERC-20 token with which players can buy goods within the Heroes Lineage universe marketplace, vote in the future DAO system for project decisions and have access to the different advantages and opportunities that the project will launch throughout its development. The total supply will be 300,000,000 LINE tokens, which will be distributed over three years progressively and for different purposes. 

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