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HeroFi is a blockchain-based, mobile NFT RPG that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, HEROEGGS, HFI, and ROFI. HeroFi is a free to play, and play to earn game, which means players can directly download the game on Google Play Store and start playing and earning in-game rewards without any initial investment. 


The game revolves around heroes fighting in different game modes to earn in-game rewards. These heroes can be normal heroes or genesis heroes. Both types of heroes have their own unique traits, abilities, and fighting abilities. Genesis heroes are superior to normal heroes since they have better star ratings and don’t age. Players can only create a genesis hero when they crack an egg for 100.000 HEROEGG tokens. If players have two genesis heroes, they can use these NFT genesis heroes to mate and create a normal genesis hero.

Normal heroes are not NFT heroes, unlike genesis heroes. When mating two genesis heroes, the offspring between genesis heroes will have a three-star rating normal hero. In addition to that, normal heroes can be reproduced unlimitedly since they are not NFTs. As a downside, normal heroes can get old. Each player gets a free normal hero upon starting the game for the first time, which makes HeroFi a free-to-play game for the newcomers. 

In the game, there are six different hero classes that players can encounter, such as fire, water, plant, thunder, light, and dark. Heroes have three active skills and one passive skill which are determined by their classes. Thanks to the class system, some classes can counter and have additional bonuses against other classes. For example, fire class counters grass class, grass class counters thunder class, thunder class counters water class, water class counters fire class, light class counters dark class, and lastly, dark class counters light class. When their parents’ skill classes will determine mating two heroes, the skill class of the newborn heroes with the probability of 50%-50%. 

Players can equip their heroes with various equipment such as helmets, weapons, armor, shoes, accessories, and relic to make the difficulties they encounter in their adventures a little easier; each piece of equipped equipment grants heroes a certain buff. However, pieces of equipment do not change the appearance of the heroes. In the game, not every piece of equipment is considered an NFT asset. To be an NFT asset, equipment must have at least a three-star rating. Equipment pieces with one-star or two-star ratings are not NFT assets. 

HeroFi offers three different types of game modes to its players. Tower Mode is a game mode that requires players to arrange for their heroes to rush to the highest floor in the tower possible. Upon completing a floor, players receive rewards that are determined by the difficulty levels of the floors. Campaign Mode lets players travel to different lands and meet famous heroes at each base. With each different land, players are getting close to finding the sacred Holy Grail. Lastly, Arena Mode is a place where players lead their armies of heroes to fight against other players. In the arena, players can earn better rewards in comparison to other game modes. 

Token Information

HeroFi uses three different cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The HFI token is the rewarding in-game currency of the game. Players can earn HFI tokens by completing daily quests and competing in the arena. With HFI tokens, players can purchase arena tickets, and stamina, repair their equipment, upgrade their heroes’ star rating, and mate their heroes. 

The ROFI token is the governance token of the game. With this token, players can upgrade their heroes, buy, sell, or trade NFT assets on the marketplace, and buy NFT tickets, aka Essence.

The HEROEGG token can be used to hatch an egg to earn genesis heroes only. 

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