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Overdroid LLC
Strategy, Board
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Hexarchia is a play-to-earn, free-to-play turn-based NFT strategy boardgame on the Polygon network where players can own NFT warlords and items. The game offers chess-like battles over several different game modes. The goal of the game is to defeat the warlords of opposing armies. It is available to play on PC.


In Hexarchia, players need to fight against each other until only one is alive at the end of the battle. NFT warlords are the key to victory, when one is defeated, the player will lose the battle. There are three civilizations featured in the game; Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, and Feudal Japan. Each of these civilizations has two warlords associated with them. Ancient Rome has Emperor Cladius and Empress Julia, Ancient Egypt has Pharaoh Menes and Queen Ahhotep I, and Feudal Japan has Shogun Minamoto and Tomoe Gozen.

Warlords have traits that are determined by their civilizations and their rarities. Warlords that are from Ancient Rome will have a strategic trait, while an Ancient Egypt one will have a spiritual one, and a Feudal Japan warlord will have an honorable trait. These traits will affect their intellect, physique, attitude, and background according to their rarity, which can range from common, uncommon, and rare. There are also equipment and title NFTs that grant players additional access and rewards in the game.

The game has five different game modes; 1v1 battle, 2v2 battle, 3v3 battle, three player free-for-all battle, and six player free-for-all battle. Each game starts with a player spawning with an army of simple troops and a warlord on a hexagonal map. Players can command their troops and the warlord to move in six different directions. They have predetermined health and attack values that can be boosted using power-ups. Power-ups can add attack and health, but they will cost an order for the player. Players can use five orders that are indicated by five gems on the game hud every turn. The orders can be divided between units without any limit; they can either move the same troop five hexes or move five troops a hex. The issued five orders are executed at the same time for each player when the turn ends. Each turn has a limited time, and the turns are finite for every battle. When the game runs out of turns, the player with the most troops will win the battle.

Aside from regular game modes, Hexarchia Olympics is held every week as a special event that rewards NFTs as a prize for the participants. Players compete in order to raise their Olympic rating, which acts as the ELO rating of the game and rank highly on the leaderboard. 

Token Information

Warlord, equipment, and Hexarchia title NFTs can be bought on OpenSea using ETH on the Polygon network. The information regarding the Hexarchia token ecosystem is expected to be released in 2022. In the meantime, players can participate in NFT pre-sales and public sales.

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