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Homie Wars

Homie Wars

The Sydney Houston Group


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Homie Wars is a play-to-earn blockchain-based Battle Royale game on the BNB with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, HOMIECOIN. The gameplay offers a range of game modes and social mechanics that are centered around battle royale game modes and mini games in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


Homie Wars is a Web3 gaming platform that offers a range of game modes and mechanics, including Daily Golden Battle, Battle Rooms, The Gym, Streamer Mode, Social Media Integration, Sponsored Tournaments, and Marketplace. The platform is designed to provide value to token stakers and NFT holders, as well as introduce free-to-earn opportunities for Web2 users looking to transition to Web3 gaming. The users (Homies) can interact with one another and their environment in a variety of interesting ways: they can attend events, play mini-games, join subcommunities, trade skins, and buy and sell real estate. Each of these game modes is built upon a battle royale foundation, meaning each game mode’s earning mechanism follows a battle-to-earn model (some of which provide free-to-earn opportunities). In order to earn, one must overcome their opponents, depending on their skill and utilizing different strategies based around the Homie skins (NFTs) that they own. 

In each of these battle-to-earn game modes, participants must survive round-to-round until the last Homie standing is crowned the winner. While survival sounds simple in theory, the execution is much more complex. During each round, players must persevere through challenging situations to reach the finish line: overcoming obstacles, avoiding falling, surviving the melee of opponents, and most of all, managing the strategies of other players (or teams of players). 

The Daily Golden Battle is a large-scale tournament that takes place every day within the Homieverse. It features unique mechanics that reward token stakers and NFT holders, making it an attractive option for those looking to participate in play-to-earn opportunities. Battle Rooms, on the other hand, offer a more intimate and competitive atmosphere where players can wager HomieCoins against each other.

The gym provides a space for Homies to work on their skills, get familiar with the game mechanics, and train their NFT game skins to adjust the attributes to their style of play. Streamer Mode is specifically designed for content creators and streamers, allowing them to watch battles and share their content across social media platforms.

Homie Wars also features a range of sponsored tournaments that are designed to onboard millions of Web2 users into the Web3 ecosystem. These tournaments are expected to introduce major play-to-earn platforms, game aggregators, Web3 gaming ecosystems, gaming guilds, Twitter Spaces communities, eSports teams, and Web2 tournament platforms.

In addition to the game modes, Homie Wars also offers a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs without ever having to leave the metaverse. The NFTHomies are classified according to their rarity and the probabilities of finding each of the tiers. Epic and Legendary Homies have attributes such as Jump, Speed, and Recovery, and are playable within the Homieverse.

HomieFarm is another feature of the Homieverse where users can put their HomieCoins and Homie NFTs to work to earn different rewards. Homies can stake their HomieCoins inside the Homiefarm to participate in the weekly raffle for a HomieBox. Yield farming is also available, where Homies can deposit two assets into the Pancake Liquidity Pool to earn rewards using CAKE mining. NFTs Liquidity Mining is another option where Homies can earn rewards based on the training power value of their NFTs.

Token Information

Homie Wars has its own cryptocurrency called Homiecoin, which serves as the in-game currency that powers the Homieverse economy. Homiecoin's total supply is fixed, meaning that no new coins will be created beyond the initial supply. The token is also deflationary, as it is burned each time it is used for transactions or staking. The Homiecoin has several use cases in the Homieverse. Players can use Homiecoin to assure their spot in the daily Golden Battle, stake it for a chance to win a weekly NFT chest, and participate in Challenge Rooms against other Homies. Additionally, Homiecoin holders are rewarded with exclusive benefits such as free-to-play opportunities, skins, and real estate.

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