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Human2AI DAO

EpiK Protocol (EPK)

$0.01265018 (-2.67%)
Developer Human2AI DAO
Market Cap $1.65 M
Volume $224.96 K


Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x87ecea8512516ced5db9375c63c23a0846c73a57


Human: Memento is a Sci-Fi play-to-earn NFT game where players can collect explorers and time machines to travel back to past eras and earn in-game currency. It is on the Binance Smart Chain network and the main token used for the game is a mineral called EPK.


In Human: Memento, players need to build a brigade with time machines and explorers in order to travel back in time. Explorers vary in rarity, which determines their skill points, they can go to specific eras depending on their skill points. They are able to gather a memento each day, they can go on expeditions where these mementos are found. Rewards are given for the mementos that are collected in relation to the players’ brigade level, as well as the era that they were gathered from.

Time machines allow the transportation of the explorers to past eras. Rarities of the time machines affect the rank and success rate of the brigade and determine the number of explorers that it can transport. The rarities vary from one star to five stars, with five being the rarer. Explorers are the main mining force where they can mine EPK. Their minimum and maximum mining range are determined by their rarities which use the same system as the time machines. Every explorer will have a contract that will allow them to be hired for a minimum of seven days. Players must pay EPK to add explorers to their brigade.

Brigades are created from the combination of a player’s explorers and time machines. Players can add more NFTs to a brigade, but they can’t remove them. Disassembling exist, but players will have to start over again. Players can have more than one brigade if they choose to do so. Brigades have different attributes such as; name, skill points, rank, level, and contract. Their rank varies from S to D, and the rarity of time machines determines it. The level is earned from participating in expeditions, and more levels mean more significant rewards. Food is also needed to go on expeditions and has a certain cost which all the EPK collected from food transactions go to the reward pool.

There are thirty eras which are divided into four sections. Different ranks of brigades are recommended for one of these sections of eras. Players can team up and form corps from multiple brigades and travel together. There is a special time portal for corps, which opens every three hours. It contains an ancient monster such as a dragon, and if defeated, it yields great rewards.

Token Information

Players can earn EPK tokens from sending their explorers to mine. EPK is also used to buy and add explorers to their brigade. The marketplace uses EPK tokens and every transaction has a fifteen percent tax rate where they will be accumulated in a reward pool.


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Human: Memento

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