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Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain

Action, Adventure
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Hunters On-Chain is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, action-RPG game with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, BGEM, and BOOM. The game is the first game of BoomLand metaverse and will be playable on browsers and also mobile devices. Hunters On-Chain has several game modes and NFTs for players to experience. 


The game is a universe filled with NFT hunters and their prey. The game's main focus is to hunt these creatures in different game modes while training hunters and upgrading them to face more ferocious monsters. Players have to strategize their actions, collect different hunters, and pick up fights wisely.

The game has six different game modes for players to experience. Hunt is the co-op game mode where four hunters compete against each other in the arena. The map of this mode is divided into different biomes and themes with various enemy difficulties. The main goal is to hunt the maximum amount of monsters before the given time ends. Upon completion of this mode, players will be awarded BGEM tokens. Boss Hunt is another mode where four hunters face difficult enemies until the final monster boss shows up. Players in this mode are ranked by their performances and earn BGEM tokens, equipment, and artifacts according to the damage done to the boss. Co-op mode is a duo survival situation where players protect the King. In this mode, the duo will be rewarded based on the wave they have reached. Duel Mode is a PvP mode where players fight against each other. The winner of this mode will take the BGEM and BOOM tokens from the pool. Bounty Hunter mode is the battle royale PvP game mode where players are matched with nine other players. The player with the highest score takes the pool. Dungeons are the most difficult game mode where players can earn artifacts instead of just BGEM tokens. In this mode, players will be facing tougher enemies with each wave, and they will be awarded based on their performance.

In the game, each hunter is a unique NFT with different appearances, performance, earning capacity, and play limits. Since they are NFT assets, they can be traded, sold, or bought on the marketplaces and the in-game store. Hunters with common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarity levels can have 40 different hunter types. The type of a hunter affects the type of attack the hunter has (ranged or melee), perks, and more. Each hunter has four main attributes such as health pool, damage, speed, and attack speed. These attributes can be increased by upgrading the hunters. In addition to these attributes, each hunter has a yield power attribute which indicates the amount of token value accumulated from transactions completed for the NFT. When a player spends BOOM for this NFT, such as summoning, buying, or upgrading, a certain amount of the transaction gets accumulated on yield power, and the holder of the NFT can earn additional rewards. Also, upgrading a hunter may unlock permanent perks such as attack distance, pushback, extra HP, extra damage, extra movement speed, extra attack speed, dizzy chance, HP regeneration, more experience points, Death Touch, extra damage reduction, dodge chance, Death Strike, Demon Pact, damage reflection, Heal After Kill, extra health and damage, and lastly, Celestial Pact, which will boost the performance of the hunters drastically. To upgrade a hunter’s level, players have to collect and use Hunter Shards or by fusing hunters by spending BOOM tokens. 

Hunters On-Chain has different item NFTs which can be used for upgrading and creating new hunters. Hunter Shards are solely used for upgrading hunters in the game. Upon use, these shards are burned and removed from the total supply. Each Hunter Shard has two main attributes; hunter type and rarity. Hunter type shows which hunter can be upgraded with Hunter Shards. Players have to use the same rarity Hunter Shards to upgrade their hunters. For example, to upgrade an uncommon Skullmaster, Hunter Shard must have the Skullmaster hunter type and uncommon rarity attributes. In addition to Hunter Shards, the equipment can be used for summoning new hunters. The rarity of the equipment determines the rarity level of the newly created hunter. Lastly, the artifacts can be used to give hunters new permanent perks. 

Token Information

Hunters On-Chain uses two different cryptocurrencies, BOOM, and BGEM, for different purposes. BOOM is the native token of the game, and it can be used for paying transaction fees and buying or selling NFT assets in the marketplaces. BGEM is the in-game token of the game. The token is used to purchase hunt boxes and access some special events and can be earned by simply playing the game.


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