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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
PTE Inc.

Idle Mystic Token (IMT)

$0.05732623 (0.07%)
Developer PTE Inc.
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Idle Mystic is a play-to-earn blockchain idle clicker game where players can own NFT assets and earn IMT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks. The game requires players to own NFT heroes in order to start playing, and it is available on both mobile and PC platforms.


Idle Mystic offers an incremental role-playing system that combines idle and clicker games. Core combat mode utilizes a turn-based model where heroes auto-battle according to their formations. There are both single-player PvE modes and multiplayer PvP modes that feature battles.

Players only need to strategize and adjust what heroes to select and how they form a team. Each hero character has an independent combat AI that can be utilized together, forming unique combinations. Searching and finding a team combination is a crucial part of the game that leads to winning and earning. Players need at least three heroes to participate in battles. There are two ways to acquire heroes; buying directly from the official store or purchasing them from other players at secondary marketplaces. The game’s community can also create different hero templates. Creators are rewarded if their creations are chosen and traded.

Every hero has different attributes, talents, and abilities that are created by algorithms. There are four abilities given to any hero when they are minted, and they also have health, speed, skill, and morale stats that affect their combat performance. Hero classes range from alliance, elf, horde, undead, divine, and hell. Players can combine two heroes to create a new and possibly more powerful hero. Newly minted heroes from merging can carry abilities and talents from their ancestors through the inheritance system.

Token Information

IMT (Idle Mystic Tokens) tokens act as governance tokens that allow voting so that the game’s community can contribute to in-game decisions. IMT can be earned through successful participation in various game modes, as seasonal rewards, and as an incremental output from idling. MST (Magic Stones) is used for the inheritance process, and it can be attempted seven times. MST can be earned in in-game activities, seasonal rewards, and community rewards.

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