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Immersys is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can own NFT items and earn FATE tokens on the WAX network. The game allows players to socialize, engage in combat, craft materials, and explore different planets. Immersys is available on the PC platform.


Immersys is structured similarly to a classic MMORPG in terms of its gameplay loop. Players can explore, complete quests, battle against enemies, gather resources, and craft items.  Each item can be crafted and has specific NFT blueprints that need to be found. Once a player has a certain blueprint, the item can be crafted an infinite number of times. It takes energy and resources to create blueprints. Energy can be purchased with FATE tokens, and resources can be obtained by extracting NFTs.

Immersys includes both third-person action camera combat and first-person combat. Players can level up ten distinct skills, which significantly improve their ability to fight tougher opponents and equip better weapons and armor. There are four different attributes that affect the power level of a character: weapon mastery (accuracy), armor mastery (defense), combat strength (damage), and constitution (hit points).

NFTs in Immersys can be obtained through a variety of methods, including gathering, crafting, combat, questing, purchasing, and looting. Every item can be bought and sold outside of the game. Each item can come in different rarities: abundant (gray), common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange), and mythical (red).

Players can train and level up different skills such as geology, woodcutting, herbalism, archeology, fishing, and entomology. Leveling up skills requires experience or skill points. This experience is gained by participating in various activities, such as combat and resource farming. Each skill requires gathering different resources. Players' skill levels unlock better equipment, new locations, quests, and activities.

There is also a companion app that can be used to interact with smart contracts when doing things in the marketplace, making blueprints, or trading on the DEX. In addition to speeding up these activities, players can view their rewards and the global leaderboards inside the app.

Token Information

The FATE token is the native utility token of Immersys, and it can be purchased directly from secondary marketplaces. Players can also earn FATE tokens by burning NFT resources, participating in different activities, staking, and providing liquidity. It is used to buy NFT items from the in-game marketplace.

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