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Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires

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Imperium Empires team


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Imperium Empires is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, space-themed third-person action RTS NFT game that utilizes the Avalanche Blockchain network with its in-game currencies, IME, and IMC tokens. The game offers different types of PvE and PvP gameplay and in-game economic activities that players can participate in. 


Space of Imperium Empires is divided into three different risk level zones, Safe Zone, Combat Zone, and War Zone, that harbor various dangers which directly affect the gameplay experience of players. War Zone is the most profitable but the most dangerous zone of all, while Safe Zone is the safest but the least profitable for players.

Imperium Empires tries to attract the attention of different types of players by offering multiple PvE and PvP scenarios, such as PvE-focused mining, transportation, co-op missions, and PvP-focused territorial control and looting system. Mining asteroids across the various zones in the Imperium universe supply players with different types of ores that can be used for building and upgrading structures, such as starbases, refineries, or storage facilities, or can be a way to make a profit by selling them for IMC tokens on the marketplace. Mining and collecting asteroids create the need for transportation of valuable resources: in the game, every resource that’s been mined or extracted has to be transported from one location to another to be sold or used by guilds to build structures on lands. Traveling from one location to another with valuable cargo can be dangerous and attract the attention of space pirates in the space of Imperium Empires. However, with co-op missions, players can prevent the pirates from stealing their precious cargo with the help of their guild-mates. Even co-op mission participants can make a profit off of defeated pirate spaceships by looting them.

Compared to PvE gameplay, players can lose or acquire more loot in PvP gameplay because of the high stakes of combat decisions. PvP combat can happen anywhere, anytime, and can be fatal for the losing side because spaceships and components can be destroyed in combat, depending on the zone that the combat is occurring. Destroyed spaceships can be looted by other players but always at a reduced value compared to the original value of the looted components due to the damage that combat’s caused. 

Token Information

Imperium Empires has two in-game currencies with different purposes. IME can be earned from looting destroyed enemy spaceships and seasonal tournament rewards. Players can spend their IME tokens on purchasing NFTs and for staking. IMC tokens can be earned by selling refined ores on the marketplace and from the rewards distributed by the guilds. Players can use their IMC tokens to repair their damaged spaceships and components, fees for guild facilities, and contribute to guilds for constructing structures. 

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Seed & Strategic Sale


Public Sale

Seed-$0.0024 $500,000.00 208,333,3336-month cliff, daily vesting for 15 months10,000,000,000Circulating Supply: IME 203,000,000
Strategic-$0.0033 $750,000.00 227,272,72710% at TGE, 6-month cliff, daily vesting for 15 months
Market cap: $913,500

Strategic 2-$0.0036 $750,000.00 208,333,33310% at TGE, 6-month cliff, daily vesting for 15 months

IDO (Avalaunch)20 DEC — 21 DEC 2021$0.0045 $1,000,000.00 222,222,22235% at TGE, 1-month cliff, weekly vesting for 8 weeks


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