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Unstoppable Games
Strategy, MMO, RPG
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Influence is a play-to-earn blockchain space strategy massively multiplayer role-playing NFT game where players can own NFT items and spaceships and earn SWAY tokens on the Ethereum network. Players can participate in building, mining, trading, and fighting through various game modes. The game is web-based, and it is available to play on browsers.


Influence is a strategy game where players control a crew that can contain up to five crewmates. Each of these crew members can have a different class ranging from pilots, merchants, engineers, miners, and scientists. Crew efficiency is based on how many crewmates they possess and their traits. Players can also recruit advanced members such as specialists and department heads from secondary marketplaces. It is necessary to mint at least one crewmate to start playing the game.

Spaceships are essential for traveling in the Adalian System where the game takes place. Players can fly to different asteroids and engage in combat with their ships. Initial spaceships will consist of shuttles and freighters, but players can research new technology to improve and upgrade their ships. There are certain traits for each class of crewmates that grant advantages to various ship attributes such as acceleration of a ship, decreased repair costs, or the ship's cargo capacity. 

Asteroids act as lands in Influence, they are NFTs that the players can own where they can mine resources, build infrastructure, research advanced technology, and engage in conflict with other players. Each asteroid has a unique composition of materials and resources for players to mine, they have different rarities, types, bonuses, and attributes. Players can use extractors to pull resources out, and either use them in crafting or take them to marketplaces to sell. Owned asteroids can also be leased to other players and charge them fees for transactions.

Token Information

SWAY (Standard Weighted Adalian Yield) tokens are the utility tokens of Influence. They are used for each transaction in the game. They can be earned from selling mined resources, selling crafted items, and gaining from the fees of a building or an asteroid that the players own.


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Sway Social IDO ( ZENDIT) 7 Oct — 7 Oct 2021$0.07 $35,000.00 500,000

Sway Social IDO (Launchpool)13 Sep — 22 Sep 2021$0.045 $50,000.00 5,555,55510% unlock at TGE, 10% each month after100,000,000


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