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In Development
Coleplay Games
RPG, Action
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Junkineering is a play-to-earn action role-playing game in which players can own NFT robots and earn JNKI and ENGI tokens. Players can use their robots to take part in both single-player and multiplayer modes of the game. Junkineering is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Junkineering is a role-playing game in which players can gather and put together their own robot team, then use the skills of each member to their advantage while playing. These NFT robots have upgradeable parts that increase their power and damage. Each robot has a head, torso, left arm, right arm, and legs. Robots belong to one of six factions that have different synergies with each other: scrappers, startuppers, rustlers, submariners, military, and scientists. Aside from factions and parts, robots differ in classes and rarities. Every robot can either be an assassin, a fighter, a support, a tank, a summoner, or a controller, with rarities ranging from common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Players can also craft new equipment and consumable items that help in combat with materials.

The main way to fight is through a turn-based automatic battle in which each player's robots take turns performing actions against the enemy team. The battles take place in different arenas and map locations that bring different elements to the combat. Players play their robot cards, and during the automatic battle, they can use different abilities to change how the battle goes.

The single-player game modes consist of a PvE campaign, expeditions, workshop activities, and jobs, while the multiplayer game modes include PvP battles, tournaments, league fights, and clan wars. Quests are the most common way for players to earn JNKI. At the end of each week, if a player has completed all 10 missions, they receive JNKI tokens. 

Clans are a crucial part of the game, as they allow access to region control and development modes. Region control is a high-level PvP clan fight that involves a series of battles against other players in a certain region of the global map. Also, region development is a non-combat mode where players can cooperate to build up their economies.

League fights and tournaments are PvP events that players can participate in. League fights allow players to get a spot on the leaderboard to earn seasonal rewards from the prize pool that is funded by the game treasury. Additionally, tournaments are high-stakes, one-time events where the winners take it all.

Token Information

Players can get JNKI tokens through quests, clan wars, taking control of a region, tournaments, and PvE and PvP battles. JNKI tokens are the game's utility tokens. You can use them to buy and sell things in the game. On the other hand, NFT robots can be sold on the marketplace in exchange for ENGI tokens. ENGI tokens are the governance tokens that can be used to cast votes in the game’s ecosystem. ENGI can also be staked in order to earn JNKI tokens.

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