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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Kaiju Blockchain Games

Kaiju Worlds (KAIJU)

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Developer Kaiju Blockchain Games
Website kaijuworlds.io




Kaiju Worlds is a web-based play-to-earn RPG developed by Kaiju Blockchain Games on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Kaiju Worlds incorporates the play-to-earn model by distributing Kaiju Token through gameplay.


Upon players' first step into the game, they will need to fetch an egg and skill points. This will allow them to create their first Kaiju. There are two types of eggs; standard and premium. Premium eggs are made by fusing standard eggs, they can also be bought from the marketplace. The same merging mechanic can be used with NFTs too, this will upgrade the quality of the NFT by combining two with the same rarity and creating a new one with Shine.

Kaijus are the main NFTs of the game. There are four elements that classify Kaijus; Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Also, there are rarities to Kaijus; Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic. Each Kaiju can participate in a single match every day. The number of battles that can be fought depends on the player’s choice and the energy of the Kaiju.

Skills are also NFTs that are used by Kaijus in every combat. Players can use skills on different Kaijus. Each battle costs energy, both from the Kaiju and the skill. There are also land NFTs that are used to create materials to upgrade skills and increase combat power. 

World events that are held periodically in the game allow players to find unique prizes and objects of interest. Some of these can only be obtained through these activities. In boss battles, your squad will have a team of 1-4 Kaiju fighting with 1 of 4 bosses. When you have Kaiju and Skill, 4 Bosses will appear. Bosses also have the same attributes and powers as Kaiju. There are also tournaments players can participate in and a leaderboard that allows players to know their rankings in Kaiju Worlds.

Token Information

KAIJU token is utilized in the marketplace to purchase Kaiju, eggs, and other in-game items. It can also be used for upgrading skills and participating in events. Players can stake their KAIJU tokens. KAIJU is rewarded for each successful battle. The rewards vary depending on the level and the difficulty of the campaign. Players who lose the combat in a campaign won’t be penalized.


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Kaiju Worlds

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