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Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest

Fourla4 Game
RPG, Strategy, Puzzle, MMO
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Kingdom Quest is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain-based casual NFT game bundle that utilizes the BNB network with its NFT aspects and cryptocurrency, KGC. The Kingdom Quest gameverse comprises four games with different genres: The puzzle RPG, Kingdom Quest: The Beginning, the farming title Kingdom Quest: Forgotten WaterWorld, the MMORPG Kingdoms Quest: The Vast Claudia, and finally, the tower defender Kingdoms Quest: Defense of the Adventures.


In Kingdom Quest players will command a group of heroes who will fight against forces from a dark dimension. Their ultimate purpose is to protect the peace of the Kingdom. They will travel through mazes, solve mysterious puzzles, go deeper into dungeons, defeat all encountered enemies and hunt valuable treasures. Heroes will also join expeditions to explore the world and hunt hidden treasures against dangers. Additionally, there is an arena where heroes from around the Kingdom come and compete to be the best to get the ultimate prizes.

Kingdom quest has four different games in itself that share one token that gives players play-to-earn opportunities. In the puzzle-based RPG Kingdom Quest: The Beginning, all first-time players can use the default characters provided and experience without paying an entrance fee to go out on campaigns where they battle evil forces for tokens and NFT prizes. They can also purchase ship NFTs to go on expeditions and find even better rewards in return and can open mystery chests if they find any to receive additional rewards. The Heroes team will explore maps by decoding the puzzles, collecting the items, fighting the monsters, and finding the exit to pass the map. The winner of the campaign mode will receive rewards consisting of a fixed amount of in-game silver coins by map, along with the chance to get Mystery Chest Shards. Silver coins can be used to boost hero stat points, while Mystery Chest Shards can be used to merge Mystery Chest.

Guild features would connect players, gather them together, and fight together. Guild member capacity ranges from 20 to 30 depending on guild level. Guild members would do their guild missions and compete with other guilds to obtain rewards and can participate in ranked guild wars for token loot and NFT rewards. Guilds would also evolve along with their members. By completing guild missions and spending in-game resources, players can level up their guilds. This would unlock the potential of other features in a guild, allowing them to increase their member levels and unlock better prizes.

Kingdom Quest: Forgotten Waterworld is a farm game title made for players who want to own islands and farm to the south of the Claudia continent. Waterworld is the only part of the world that was not attacked by the God of Chaos in the lore and is a relatively safe place to farm tokens and earn NFT pets as companions.

In Kingdom Quest: The Vast Claudia is an MMORPG title specially made for players who want to explore Claudia continent or other faraway lands. Players will be able to have NFT lands or NFT predefined structures (Castle, Harbor, Mines, etc) as private property. Predefined structures will give players advantages in many activities among in-game communities. For example: owning a Castle to be a royal member and being able to collect taxes from transactions within the Kingdom. Players can also be able to send their in-game heroes and ships to earn rewards and participate in different role-playing quests.

Lastly, Kingdom Quest: Defense of the Heroes is a Tower Defense title where players need to defend the Kingdom from creatures of Winter from the North. Players will not only use NFTs from previous titles, they now will have access to 2 more NFTs: Guardians and Bases, to defend their kingdoms and earn rewards.

By completing daily, weekly and monthly quests, players will be able to earn Mystery Chest Shard, which will be used to craft Locked Mystery Chests. Players can open Mystery Chests by spending a small amount of KGC tokens to obtain more powerful characters. They are also given an additional option of earning by listing their Mystery Chests in the marketplace and trading them.

In Kingdom Quest, players who conquer challenges and get high ranks on the leaderboard will be rewarded periodically with KGC with the amount corresponding to the player's rank. Players participating in PvE game mechanics have a chance of receiving Mystery Chest Shards to create NFTs and token rewarding chests. Kingdom Quest players can also earn money through special events like Tournament, Arena Battle, or Staking KGC tokens to receive interest. 

Token Information

Kingdom Gold Coin token KGC represents Kingdom Quest in the Coin Market, KGC is used in the following: Buy NFTs, crafting NFTs with NFT Shards, Unlock Mystery Chests, In-game activities, and Staking. KGC is also the game's governance token which can be used to vote on policies after staking.

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