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Metaverse, Arcade, Strategy, Card, RPG
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Kingdomverse is a blockchain-based play-to-earn mobile gaming metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, KING and SHIELD. Kingdomverse is one diverse ecosystem, consisting of multiple different mobile games connected by a dynamic, open-world social hub where players can interact, game, and trade with their fellow players and earn prizes.


Kingdomverse is a blockchain-based gaming metaverse that features player versus player PvP battles and PvE challenges. The metaverse has different game modes: In Defend the Kingdom, players will use heroes to defeat a variety of foes in both competitive PvP and co-op modes. Players can earn NFT game items that can be used to upgrade the avatar in the game. The game allows players to assemble a team of five heroes to fight enemies and face the ultimate challenge of game bosses. The game features different seasons, which bring new quests, heroes, and items, and requires players to come up with new strategies to defeat one another and their enemies. 

Heroes are powerful characters that represent the player and can be customized to suit the player's playstyle. Bosses are powerful creatures that players can fight in PvE battles. The game also has a ranking system and tournaments, where players can earn tokens through a "win-to-earn" model.

Kingdomverse has a social hub called Kingdomverse Mobile Metaverse (KMM) where players can interact with each other, form guilds (empires), explore the world, show off their trophies, avatars, or items, and more. This ties into another game mode known as Kingdom Battles, which is a turn-based strategy game where players can pick an opponent from the list of matches to start a battle. In KMM, each kingdom is represented by a unique NFT, and the player who owns it becomes the lord of the island. From their home base, players can socialize, build, and play with their community, and decide the future of their realm.

Kingdoms can be purchased with the native token KING, and the total number of NFT kingdoms available is limited. However, players do not need to own a kingdom to experience the game; they can also stake any of their NFTs on a kingdom of their choosing and become a citizen. Each kingdom has a limit on the number of citizens it can have, corresponding to the level of the kingdom. By upgrading buildings and increasing the number of citizens, lords can increase the rewards and power of their kingdom.

The strength and growth of each kingdom are measured by six factors known as the GDP. These factors include population, experience, prosperity, charisma, wealth, and combat power. Whether players choose to play as citizens or Lords, they will be rewarded with KING. The better the GDP of the kingdom, the more tokens will be available in the reward pool. Players can also win more tokens by joining Kingdom Battles and Empire Battles.

Empires are the guilds and factions that shape the world of Kingdomverse. Players can team up with others to form guilds, known as Empires, and build up their communities and economies to battle other empires. Empires grow more powerful by a number of metrics, including battle strength, and Empire Battles take place regularly for great rewards including in-game items, and even Kingdomverse NFTs.

Kingdom Battles are a turn-based strategy game where players are matched with opponents of similar combat power. Players can pick an opponent from the list of matches and start a battle for prizes, with a limit on how many battles they can fight, represented by a stamina bar. Kingdomverse and the mobile games, including Defend The Kingdom, share one common marketplace. Players will be able to sell their in-game/in-metaverse items as NFTs in this marketplace. The marketplace will allow players the opportunity to trade their items, as well as their own created items to earn tokens, creating another revenue stream for players other than the in-game rewards.

Token Information

Kingdomverse utilizes a dual token model, where the native token KING and the in-game off-chain currency SHIELD are used for different purposes. KING is the native token of Kingdomverse and has a finite supply. It is used for purchasing premium game items in such as heroes and champions in Defend the Kingdom, purchasing passes such as season pass in Defend the Kingdom, purchasing Kingdomverse utility NFT items including Kingdoms (Floating Islands), avatars, and buildings, trading NFT items in Kingdomverse Marketplace, and earning season tournament rewards for mobile games and mobile metaverse.

The SHIELD is the in-game off-chain currency that has an unlimited supply. It can be used for purchasing in-game items in the mobile app games, such as Spellbooks and gold in Defend the Kingdom, purchasing metaverse items and leveling up individual Kingdoms. Players can earn SHIELD in a variety of ways, such as through regular quests, leaderboard, events, and winning from PVP. Players are encouraged to spend the SHIELD they earned in order to level up their characters or kingdoms in order to win tournaments and earn KING tokens.


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