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Kitsumon is a blockchain-based play and earn, adventure and NFT collecting game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, KMC and KANDY. In the game, players become Kitsu trainers and collect, breed, and care for their Kitsu pets. With different professions and game modes, Kitsumon aims to offer a unique experience for its players.


As an adventure and NFT collecting game, Kitsumon revolves around Kitsus; pets players own, breed, train, collect, care for, and battle with. Each Kitsu’s appearance, abilities, elements, statistics, etc., is determined by its genes. Statistics such as HP, strength, mind, and agility are directly affected by the Kitsus’ genes; therefore, these statistics are vital in combat. Each Kitsu can have up to ten abilities, defining the Kitsu’s role in the battle arena. A Kitsu’s abilities can be focused on attacking, healing, escaping, stunning, trapping, shielding, and many more. Thanks to these abilities, players can assign a role to their Kitsus and use them as healers, damage dealers, tanks, bruisers, etc. 

At the time of hatching, the stats of a Kitsu are decided based on random rolls. The primary stat is randomly selected, receiving the highest bracket of possible stats for the random roll, with the other stats being rolled for in lower brackets. Also, by being elemental creatures, Kitsus are affected by opponent Kitsu’s elements, and each of these elements has its own strengths and weaknesses against other elements. For example, the water has an advantage over the fire in terms of attack, and the fire has a disadvantage against the water in terms of defense. 

By breeding Kitsus, players can create unique hybrid Kitsus with different and distinctive traits. All of the features of Kitsus, such as elements, genes, stats, abilities, appearance, etc., are parts of a Kitsu’s DNA and influence the offspring directly. Hybrid Kitsus are randomly generated through a number generation algorithm, with each generated hybrid Kitsu having a range of over 17 trillion possible outcomes. 

In Kitsumon, players can choose professions to help them along their adventure. The game has six types of professions: farming, mining, crafting, cooking, fishing, and alchemy. Each of these professions serves different purposes, and they can be very beneficial for players. As one of the primary professions, farming requires a plot of land to start farming. Players can choose what type of farming they want, depending on their needs. Mining is another profession that players can focus on and requires a plot of land. Mining produces various metals such as gold and silver. Players can increase their mining capabilities by having better tools and levels. Crafting is an all-rounder profession in the game. Players can cut gems, refine metals, and create tools by being craftsmen. Cooking as a profession is very useful in the game. Players can turn raw ingredients into meals and feed their Kitsus to boost their abilities and stats, thanks to this profession. Players can learn new recipes and reduce their cooking times by leveling up their cooking profession. In the fishing profession, anglers can fish in various types of water to acquire different kinds of fish. These fish can be used for cooking. Lastly, alchemy can turn raw ingredients into consumable items that offer additional benefits to Kitsus. While the cooking profession benefits energy and health stats, alchemy focuses on reducing process timers. 

The battle arena allows players to train and battle their Kitsus in different game features. In training, players can practice and train their pets against PvE targets and multiplayer systems in varied-sized group arenas. Training Kitsus make them level up and unlock new abilities while increasing their overall powers. This comes in handy in the battle arena, a 5 vs. 5 MOBA battle setup between trainers. Players can encounter both real players and non-player opponents during their battles. Also, players can form guilds and invite other players to create battle teams to fight side by side in leagues, Ladders, and tournaments. 

Token Information

Kitsumon uses two cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The KMC token is the primary token of the game and can be used to purchase and trade NFT assets and pay transaction fees throughout the game. This token also can be used to buy KANDY tokens, the in-game currency of Kitsumon. Players can purchase power-ups, subscriptions, and NFT items from the marketplace, using KANDY tokens. 


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