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Kryptomon is a play-to-earn blockchain-based battler action NFT game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, KMON. In the game, players try to be the best trainers by caring, breeding, training their Kryptomons, and facing other trainers in battles to outpower them. 


The game offers its players a wide range of possibilities in terms of variation of Kryptomons. With 38 different parameters, every Kryptomon has different genetic codes that determine everything from visual appearance to combat abilities. Three main types of parameters affect a Kryptomon’s features; fixed, trainable, and boosted parameters. Fixed parameters are decided at the birth of a Kryptomon and can never be changed. These are inherited parameters and came from the Kryptomon’s parents. Trainable parameters, however, can be improved via training over some time. The maximum potential of a trainable parameter is pre-determined by Kryptomon’s inherited capabilities. In total, there are four trainable parameters; the talent of the main family, the talent of the secondary family, resistance, and constitution. Lastly, boosted parameters are special parameters that can change depending on the love of a Kryptomon. A well-taken care of Kryptomon has a higher love value, which temporarily boosts its skills.  

Like collecting Pokemon cards, the game allows players to become collectors if they want to without battling, training, or caring about their Kryptomons. With over 500 different types of visual aspects, collectors have endless possibilities. Each Kryptomon combines various elements; body, head, legs, tails, wings, spikes, horns, ears, eyes, mouth, hair, tattoos, and color palette are the indicators of these combinations. Genetic parameters play a considerable role in the physical appearance of a Kryptomon.

Kryptomon adopts the turn-based strategy mechanism as its core gameplay as a battler game. Players are matched against each other based on the levels of their Kryptomons. While battling, each Kryptomon can choose an action out of 4 options; a physical attack and three different elemental attacks. While players can use physical attacks all the time, elemental attacks have cooldowns. So using actions according to the ongoing battle is crucial for players to defeat their opponents. 

Kryptomon offers three different game modes to its players. Two of these game modes are always available; team and duel battles. In team battles, players use three different Kryptomons to participate. Players can switch between Kryptomons during the battle; however, this action triggers the “switch cooldown.” When a Kryptomon is defeated, the trainer can choose another Kryptomon as its replacement. Duel battles happen in a 1 Kryptomon vs. 1 Kryptomon setup. Players pre-chose a Kryptomon and cannot switch between Kryptomons after the battle starts. The last and the third game mode, Kryptomon League Format, happens periodically throughout the year. Winners of this tournament earn the right to participate in the next tournament, aside from the big KMON prize pools. 

Token Information

Kryptomon uses the KMON token as its native cryptocurrency. Players can use KMON tokens for purchasing loot boxes and NFT assets from the marketplace and staking. The KMON tokens can be earned by playing the game, staking, completing quests, and opening standard loot boxes given to players for free each day.


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