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Kryxivia is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and earn KXA and KXS tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game features a fantasy world and setting that the players can explore. Kryxivia is available on browsers and PCs.


Kryxivia features items, spells, and characters that are NFT assets. Players can own and utilize these NFTs to shape up their characters and determine their power rating. The game features no classes. Each player starts on the same footing and creates their own game style as they wish. Players can choose to be either a dps (damage per second), a healer, or a tank character.

The game has three factions that the players can choose from: adventurers, nomads, and merchants. Adventurers’ main qualities are strength, courage, bravery, and determination. They are used to protect the weak and improve themselves to get stronger each day against the merchants. Nomads are protectors of nature and the environment. They wish to live in peace and harmony with nature and animals. Additionally, merchants are skilled people with great social and business skills who are masters of trading.

Kryxit gems are used to have and cast spells. Players can unlock new castable spells by using these gems on their characters. They are the core of the gameplay in Kryxivia, and they can be found in the mines. The mines are dungeon levels that feature multiple paths and rooms inside where players have to fight through to gain loot. The more the players progress, the harder the mine gets and the better the loot gets. Players can also encounter enemy bosses that contain rarer and more valuable loot. Mines can be entered by up to four players, with the difficulty increasing as the number of players increases. 

Dungeons differ in difficulty levels that are determined by catalysts. Catalysts take players to alternate mines that are divided into five different levels, with purple being the highest level; blue, yellow, orange, red, and purple. Each level may have a different and much harder boss that can drop equipment, tokens, and spells that the players can earn by defeating it.

Token Information

Kryxivia has two different tokens called KXA and KXS. KXA token is the native token that is on the Binance Smart Chain network that can be used to buy item packs, event tickets, and can be used in the marketplace to exchange items. KXS tokens on the other hand, are the in-game money that can be earned through successful gameplay as loot, and they can be used to buy items from various different NPCs throughout the game.

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