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Labrado is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game that allows players to earn LBRD and EXCA tokens by staking weapon NFTs on the battlefield. The game offers six different rarities, five unique elements, 20 weapon types, four battle parameters, and weapon levels that range from 1 to 200. Players can mint a weapon up to seven times, and the number of times it has been minted is written on the weapon NFT. The game's strategy involves players utilizing weapon elements and advantages to change the outcome of battles.


Labrado's gameplay revolves around weapon components that determine the level of success in battles. Players earn utility tokens by staking weapon NFTs to one of the five battlefields, provided they have an amulet NFT and the amulet equipped with weapons. There are six rarities, each with unique attributes: Economy, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each weapon belongs to one of the five elements: Fire, Water, Forest, Light, and Dark, which cannot be changed. The 20 different weapon types include swords, katanas, and more.

Labrado features four battle parameters: ATK (attack), MATK (magic attack), DEF (defense), and MDEF (magic defense), used for attack and defense on the battlefield. Players can level up weapons from 1 to 200, with each level requiring burning of utility tokens (LBRD) or gems. However, each level has a maximum reward limit, and players must level up to continue earning LBRD.

Each weapon level has a minimum and maximum attack limit to maintain balance between attack and defense sides. The number of minimum attacks required at the current level to level up to the next one, while the maximum attacks represent the limitation of attacks at the current level. Once players have reached the maximum limit, they must level up to continue attacking.

To equip an amulet with weapons, players must meet the weapon cost requirement. As long as the total weapon cost is less than that of the amulet, players can equip the amulet with as many weapons as they want. Players can mint a weapon up to seven times, with the number of times a weapon has been minted written on the weapon NFT.

Labrado's gameplay includes elements of weapons, gems, and battlefields that have power relations and can be strategically used to change the outcome of battles. Each element is stronger than one and weaker than another, making the game more challenging and strategic. For example, Fire is stronger than Forest, Forest is stronger than Water, Water is stronger than Light, Light is stronger than Dark, and Dark is stronger than Fire.

Players can use these elements and advantages to develop their battle strategy and improve their chances of success in battle. Understanding the relationships between the elements is key to victory in Labrado.

Token Information

In Labrado, players earn utility tokens (LBRD) by staking weapon NFTs on the battlefield. Burning LBRD is required to level up weapons, and once players reach the maximum reward limit at each level, they must level up to continue earning LBRD. The utility tokens can be traded on various decentralized exchanges (DEXs), providing players with liquidity. EXCA, on the other hand, is the governance token. EXCA can be earned through play-to-earn aspects and bought via CEX or DEX.


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