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Last Survivor

Last Survivor

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Last Survivor is a play-to-earn blockchain-based MOBA and battle royale action game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its cryptocurrencies, LSC, and LSG. In the game, players’ ultimate goal is to win the game by being the last survivor of the battlefield.


Players play the game by controlling their fighters aka Last Survivors. There are two kinds of fighters in the game; free fighters, and elite fighters. Free fighters are obtainable by anyone who starts the game; Last Survivor gives players three fighters for free to start experiencing the game. Although these warriors are free, they can enter any game mode and moreover, earn tokens as a reward. Elite fighters can only be obtained from buying fighter chests. They are better than free fighters, in terms of stats. Each free, and elite fighter has a class that determines its gameplay. Fighters have three different levels of rarity; a higher rarity fighter has more unique play styles, and abilities, and can have a chance to get bonus rewards in the game. Destroyer, Tanker, Flashman, and Harmony are the classes available at the moment in the game.

The Destroyer class has normal health pools, but its attack damage is high. The weakness of this class is slow speed when fighting with other classes. Tankers are frontline fighters, they can withstand a lot of damage due to their high health pool. They do a normal amount of damage, but they are slow runners. The Flashman class is the fastest in the game. Their health is very low, but they try to compensate for this weakness by being very agile. They do a normal amount of damage. Harmonies are the average fighters; they do not have any outstanding features or disadvantages that negatively affect them. They do a normal amount of damage with an average health point. 

As being unique NFT assets, each fighter varies in terms of stats. Health indicates the damage a fighter can withstand, damage stat is important to do high damage to enemy players, speed is crucial for faster movements on the battlefield, and lastly, high range stat makes a fighter attack from far away. Fighters can be upgraded to increase their overall stats. The maximum level of a fighter is 25, and the level resets at the end of each season.

Fighters can compete against other fighters in four different game modes; Campaign, Arena, Solo/Duo/Squad Battle, and Custom Battle. In Campaign mode, all players participating in combat have a single goal of destroying enemies and becoming the Last Survivor. The arena is a big battlefield where 20,30, or 40 fighters can participate. The goal is to eliminate the opponent fighters and become the last to survive. Solo/Duo/Squad mode is 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3v3 battles, To be the victor, players must destroy other players or teams. Lastly, in the Custom Battle mode players can create their own battle with rules to play with their friends.  

Token Information

Last Survivor has two cryptocurrencies with different purposes. The LSC token is the governance token of the game. Players can earn LSC tokens from tournaments, the NFT marketplace, special events, staking, and by referring a new player. The LSG token is the in-game currency, and reward token without unlimited supply. Players can earn LSG tokens as a reward from battling, questing, ranking, and guild wars. 

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