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League Of Ancients

League Of Ancients

League Of Ancients Team
Action, RPG, Strategy


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League Of Ancients (LOA) is a free-to-play play-to-earn, blockchain MOBA strategy game coming to PC. LOA runs on the Binance Smart Chain network and enables players to own every asset entirely they acquire within the game and earn LOA tokens.


The core concept of League of Ancients is to become a mix of the games Dota 2 and League of Legends coupled with the power of the blockchain. LOA intends to focus on free-to-play and play-to-earn principles in order to build a community and economy that requires no initial investment to hop in and start playing.

LOA is fashioned in classic MOBA-style gameplay; players can choose any of the ten "Origin" heroes to play at the start of the game. Each hero has three active skills and one passive skill. Based on their usefulness in the game, the heroes are divided into five roles: Tank, Mage, Marksman, Support, and Assassin.

After choosing their heroes, ten players will be thrown into the 5v5 PVP team battle on the Ancient Realm tile set map. The Luminous and Shadowhorde make up the two sides of the map. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy team's base, and to achieve this, players need first to achieve control of the lanes that lead to the opposing team’s base and destroy the turrets on the way in order to damage the enemy’s base. Each lane leads to the opposing team's base and is defended by countless waves of hostile minions and formidable turrets.

LOA’s gameplay is divided into three categories: Classic Match, Ranked Match, and Tournaments. The Classic Matches mechanics serve as the foundation for all other game modes. Beginners who need to become acquainted with the gameplay mechanics will begin their journey in Classic Match mode. Players are allowed to play with any hero that they like, but they cannot have more than one of the same hero on their squads. Players will be able to earn ASL tokens, the game’s in-game currency, only by playing in a match.

Ranked Match, a seasonal, competitive game mode that lasts for a set amount of time, allows players to earn higher rewards in the form of ASL and NFTs, and also MMR. Players need to gain their first NFT assets in the Classic Match or in the marketplace to begin playing in the ranked mode.Players will compete against other players in their brackets for rank titles. Titles range from lowest the Sentinel to the Overlord for top players. MMR and ASL rewards increases after each victory in a ranked match. Compared to the Classical Match mode, this is a more high-reward form of gameplay that demands skill to advance.

LOA will also have tournaments that LOA officials will oversee. Teams will challenge each other for the total prize pool in LOA tokens allocated for that specific tournament. 

After engaging in numerous battles in the Ancient Realm players can earn NFT skins. These skins are armors and players can stake their NFTs through the LOA charging portal, where they give token rewards.

Each NFT skin has a mining power that may be increased by the fusion of other NFT skins in the NFT marketplace. A user's NFT Skins combined mining power would be used to calculate their total mining power. The total mining power used by all users determines how many LOA coins are mined each day. Users can also earn tokens from League of Ancients partners in addition to earning LOA tokens.

LOA also features Yield Farming, Raffle Events, and account levels which reward the users with more tokens depending on their experience points. Lotteries and Yield Farming use tokens or NFTs for staking and players will be rewarded after a certain period of time. Finally, collecting NFT Skins for different roles will unlock certain in-game features, such as LOA battle pass, tournament hosting, and clan creation.

Token Information

LOA Token is the BEP-20 utility token of League of Ancients. It will be used as a medium of exchange as an NFT marketplace currency, to stake and earn more LOA. And for every other in-game action from buying reward capsules to trading, and participating in various events such as esports tournaments. LOA Token can be earned by Mining LOA through playing the game, yield farming and NFT Staking.

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