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League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

NOD Games
MMO, Strategy


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League of Kingdoms is a play-to-earn blockchain-based mobile MMO strategy NFT game that utilizes the Ethereum network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, LOKA, and DST. The game offers its players different gameplay modes and various features such as quests, events, campaigns, and competitions.


Players in League of Kingdoms are responsible for their castles which they can build, upgrade, and manage. They can build many structures such as farms, barracks, gold mines, quarries, lumber camps, etc., in their castles. The primary resources food, stone, gold, wood, and soldiers can be obtained from these buildings. By building, and upgrading the structures in their castle, they can increase the overall level of their kingdom since the level of the castle and kingdom is tied. 

Players are also responsible for the technological developments of the kingdom they rule. To enhance new technologies in battle and production, players can build an academy in their kingdom, be part of an alliance to use the alliance’s research institute, and level up their lords by earning mastery points. These three main ways to obtain new technologies will boost the kingdom’s overall productivity and military forces. 

In the game, there are three different types of troops with five different tiers each; infantry, archers, and cavalry. Players can focus on one type of troop according to their tactical perspective if they want to be investing in the technologies that that type of troop needs. Since each troop type has its advantages and disadvantages, the training process is entirely up to the players and their gameplay strategy. 

In addition to collecting resources through the structures in castles, players can also get resources and loot by hunting monsters. Resources and loot obtained from monsters differ according to difficulty and strength levels. At the same time, by hunting these monsters, players gain experience points that increase the level of their lord. Thanks to these experience points, their lords level up, and they gain new technologies by gaining mastery points.

League of Kingdoms offers three different scenarios for battle gameplay; PvE, PvP, and MMO. In PvE, players deploy their troops to fight and hunt monsters. Generally, most of the monster hunts can be done solo, but a few unique monsters are required to be taken down by more than one player. The PvP gameplay of the game is focused on attacking other players’ kingdoms. Players can form alliances to take down powerful enemies together or conquer enemy territories on their own. The MMO involves different content such as Shrine and Congress, Continent vs. Continent (CvC), events, and upcoming Guild War. The population of the game plays on the same global server, which creates an opportunity for players to experience these features together. 

Token Information

League of Kingdoms uses LOKA and DST tokens for different purposes. The LOKA token is the primary token of the game and can be used for upgrading, breeding, developing fees, buying, selling, or trading Lands, and governance purposes. The DST token, on the other hand, is mainly used for breeding Dragos, dragon-like NFT creatures. Both LOKA and DST tokens can be earned by playing the game since League of Kingdoms is a play-to-earn game. 


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