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Legends of Mitra

Legends of Mitra

Gem Studios


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Legends of Mitra is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy and tower defense game that utilizes the Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, and BSC networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, MITA. Playing with NFT heroes with their own unique background stories, players strategize and build the best defense to save their city against the onslaught of the Oblivion Horde.


The game, which can be played with six different NFT heroes, is free-to-play. Players can gain experience, new heroes, and items by playing the game's PvE-oriented camping mode. This game mode which consists of ten different chapters and six levels in each chapter, has a game structure that gets harder as players progress throughout the campaign. Players can experience and fight in other PvP-focused modes of the game after obtaining the NFT heroes they want or the level of experience they want to reach.

Players can get familiar with NFT heroes, their abilities, and play styles in Campaign Mode. In this mode, players can encounter NFT heroes Doku, Silica, Naga, Awo, Wukong, and Kong and try them out to find the best play style that suits them. Since each NFT hero has different abilities for players to benefit from, they also have different playstyles. Doku, for example, has little damage output and can die very quickly. However, he is the master of stealth and can provide valuable information to players that could change the course of the battle. His fire damage also has long-range and decent damage for low-health enemies. Silica uses her sword to deal a massive amount of damage to enemies. She has a very low health pool; therefore, she must be placed on the battlefield accordingly. As a sturdy warrior, Naga does not deal a lot of damage. However, he can absorb massive damage compared to other heroes. Using him as a tank and damage absorber is essential on the battlefield. Awo uses psychology against her enemies. Although she can deal a decent amount of damage, she prefers to weaken her enemies by using the power of fear on the battlefield. Wukong is a martial artist and chooses to attack his enemies with his fists. He is a flexible hero who has well-balanced defensive and offensive skills. He also uses shurikens from mid-range to destroy his opponents. Kong strikes his opponents with his hammer and fists. When he attacks with a hammer, he applies a bonus damage buff to himself. His fist attacks also apply an evasion buff on himself.  

After trying the heroes and deciding on the best play style that suits them, players can try other modes such as Battle Mode and Clan Mode. Battle Mode is a mode that focuses on PvP gameplay. In this mode, players get matched randomly to fight each other, depending on their heroes’ level, skills, and abilities. This mode is locked until the player completes Chapter 3 in Campaign Mode. Clan Mode also focuses on PvP; however, it includes community-based and long-term gameplay. Players form clans to compete against other clans and raid them whenever possible. In a clan, there are four rankings: king, consul, commander, and warriors. Under the rule of their king, clans raid each other to obtain valuable resources.

The raids happen between two clans and their clan members. During a raid, the attacking side attempts to loot the defending side’s resources. Depending on the defending clan’s fort structure, these battles can happen in different forts. In Legends of Mitra, there are six fort types: a village, town, city, province, kingdom, and empire. The forts upgraded to an empire are the hardest to raid since they have better defensive capabilities. They also require a considerable amount of resources to be built. 

Token Information

Legends of Mitra uses two cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The MITA token is the governance token of the game and can be earned by completing daily quests, staking, and trading NFT assets on the marketplace. The MITA token can be used for governance purposes and to pay transaction fees throughout the game. 

The MXP token is the in-game token of Legends of Mitra. This token can be used to buy in-game NFT items and upgrade heroes, monsters, and forts. Players can earn this token by playing the game.


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Gem Studios

IDO (GameFi)10-10 Jan 2022$0.06 $95,000.00 1,583,33320% on TGE + 20% each month200,000,000Market cap: $787,500$867,090.00 
IDO (Red Kite)10-10 Jan 2022$0.06 $95,000.00 1,583,33320% on TGE + 20% each month
Circulating Supply: 13,125,000
IDO9-9 Jan 2022$0.06 $95,000.00 1,583,33320% on TGE + 20% each month

Private-$0.05 $1,000,000.00 20,000,00010% on TGE + 12 months vesting

Strategic- -  - 25,000,00010% TGE + 5 months cliff + 12 months vesting

Seed- -  - 25,000,00010% TGE + 3 months cliff + 12 months vesting


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