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Legends of Elumia

Legends of Elumia

In Development
Elumia Group


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Legends of Elumia is a play-to-earn MMORPG game that utilizes the Solana network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, ELU, EKS. In LoE (Legends of Elumia), players can immerse themselves in various gameplay zones, engaging in multiplayer adventures, quests, PvP and PvE battles, and monetizing their rewards.


Legends of Elumia is set in a fantasy open world where players can move freely and create their adventures by becoming land owners, merchants, adventurers, and go on quests to battle enemies for rewards.

The game has fast-paced multiplayer action in which players can party up to battle in outdoor areas and dungeons to gain experience and levels, new loot, and valuable resources. Players can also compete against one another in duels and team battles. The portals of the Infinite Tower are where players enter to complete PvE content and progress through the game. The massive portal transports players and groups to new open areas and dungeons, each with its creatures and enemies to defeat. In PvP, players can duel each other or team up and join team battles, they can also raise in leaderboards. Both modes reward players with the game’s crypto tokens and items. 

Players can choose to mint items found within the game and bring them out of the Infinite Tower into virtual exchanges if they want to do so. Opening up the way to turning players’ items into NFTs. In Elumia every character avatar is also an NFT. Characters can level up and upgrade their characters and equipment, as well as obtain rare items, through gameplay. Aside from a variety of challenging play areas, in Elumia City players can interact and build their online guilds and communities in addition to trading and upgrading their equipment.

Token Information

There are 2 tokens for the Elumia ecosystem, ELU is the governance token of the game, whilst EKS has in-game utilities. ELU is used in the Governance and decision-making process (DAO), given out as in-game rewards, for upgrading players’ character powers, and for special in-game activities. EKS is the main utility token used for every type of exchange in-game and can be earned via various in-game activities. 


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IEO ( Apr 2022$0.05$70,0001,400,00010% at TGE, 14 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 90 days
1,000,000,000Market cap: $436,250$50,000,000
IDO (GameFi)19-26 Apr 2022$0.05$200,0004,000,00010% at TGE, 14 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 90 days

Circulating Supply: 8,725,000
IDO (FireStarter)21-22 Apr 2022$0.05$1000,0002,000,00010% at TGE, 14 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 90 days

IDO (StarLaunch)18-19 Apr 2022$0.05$200,0004,000,0000% at TGE, 14 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 90 days

Private (BullPerks)21-21 Jan 2022$0.04$100,0002,500,0005% at TGE, 30 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 12 months

Private-$0.04$1,900,00047,500,0005% at TGE, 30 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 12 months

Strategic-$0.03$1,980,00066,000,0003,75% at TGE, 45 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 15 months

Seed-$0.01$500,00050,000,0002,5% at TGE, 60 days cliff, then weekly distribution over 18 months.


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