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Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari
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Legends of Venari is a play-to-earn blockchain role-playing game where players can own NFT creatures called Venari on the Ethereum blockchain. It is set in a vast world that features a rich narrative where players can catch Venari and interact with them. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


In Legends of Venari, players are able to use bait to attract Venari, rigs to catch Venari, gain in-game gold, and level up in order to travel through the world of Caerras. As players progress and catch more Venari, they will be able to purchase stronger baits and rigs in order to catch the rarest Venari.

Venari are the collectible creatures in the game. They take on many shapes and forms; some could fly, others could swim. Venari that are caught by the players can be optionally minted as NFTs or sold to other players for ETH. There are different maps that Venari can be found on, such as the City of Tecta, the Glowing Forest, and the Tecta Slums.

Bait is used to attract all sorts of Venari. Depending on the type of bait and which location the player is in, different Venari will pop up. Bait are consumable items that can be stacked. They can be earned by buying them from the in-game shop for gold.

When a bait is used, a cooldown starts to count down, and Venari will start to pop up. There can be a maximum of six Venari that can spawn; however, players can only select one Venari out of the potential six Venari to try and capture.

In an expedition, rigs are used to catch Venari. A player gets three actions to choose from when a rig is deployed: feed, play, and fight. Depending on the type of Venari and the rig that is brought on the expedition, players can increase their capture odds when trying to catch a Venari. Certain rigs are more geared toward the play option, whereas others are more for the fight choice.

There are passes, which are NFTs that give players access to play Legends of Venari. Each pass has an associated faction: Talaw, Azule, and Vestal, which all come with unique faction perks. A pass is able to earn between one to seven additional base passes with active gameplay. The number of obtainable base passes is rolled on the mint of the pass.

Token Information

The game features an in-game gold currency that is used to buy consumable items and bait from the marketplace. Players need to buy or mint NFT passes with ETH from the game’s marketplace in order to access the game. The captured and collected Venari can be sold or traded to other players using the marketplace.


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