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Life Beyond

Life Beyond

MMO, Metaverse
Not available


Life Beyond is a blockchain sci-fi MMO metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5, NFTs, and ERC-20 tokens, where players will have the freedom to build and own together a new virtual society on Dolos, a mysterious alien planet. The game is designed to offer a unique experience in a persistent and ever-evolving world where every player can voice their expectations, needs, and feelings. Life Beyond is currently alpha and will be available soon.


In Life Beyond, players become citizens of an alien world called Dolos. Through blockchain and Web3 technology, players can become whoever they want to be, with their only limit being their creativity. Players pick a profession and create their own story. The game is filled with mysteries to discover, and the world's ecosystem is rich with magnificent landscapes.

However, nanotech infections are ravaging the ancient world, and players must fight against this corruption to clean and conquer new regions. Once conquered, regions can be transformed and distributed into lands, ready to be settled by players. What players do with these lands is up to them. They can build housing, attract leisure seekers, or become an economic powerhouse. As players trade resources and grow their society of pioneers, they must deal with thieves and criminals and always be prepared for a nanobot invasion.

Players define the rules of their society. They can choose whether to pursue personal wealth and seize control or follow a more democratic route. They can hold elections, organize markets, impose taxes, regulate the economy, define policies, and deploy police forces to maintain order.

Life Beyond offers players the opportunity to become citizens of a new kind of sociotech society. In the game, players have the freedom to shape their own experience. They can own land and build a home, bakery, cinema, hospital, or anything else that fits the needs of the community. Players can also develop special skills and learn how to craft unique NFTs and items to trade with other players.

Token Information

Life Beyond uses ERC-20 tokens as the in-game currency. The game's economy is entirely player-driven, with players setting their own prices for items and services.


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