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Light Nite X

Light Nite X

Elixir Games
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Light Nite X is a play-to-earn multiplayer action third-person shooter game with a minimalistic cartoon aesthetic. Players can participate in several different game modes and earn rewards by scoring and ranking highly.


In Light Nite X, Deathmatch Multiplayer mode is a PvP mode where players have to kill each other over and over again for five minutes. When a character dies, they will respawn in a random location on the map after a few seconds. When the timer ends, the highest-scoring player will be rewarded.

Battle-Royale mode is the last-man-standing mode where players can participate either solo, as a duo, or as a squad of four players. Each player or team will be spawned on the map with their hoverboards from the sky. They will have to navigate and find opponents to fight and survive. 

Arena mode is where players of the same rank and value of items go against each other. When a player dies, the items they carry are dropped on the ground, and they are free for other players to take. If the dropped items aren’t looted by anyone, they are burned. Twenty players at most can enter an arena at the same time.

Covid-19 Survival mode is a PvE mini-game where oversized viruses spawn and spread across the level, infecting everything. Players have to gather resources, fight the viruses, and destroy the infected spots. Infected spots are made out of infected eggs that spew out virus particles that float in the air. Virus particles guard the infection spots, they chase the player and explode on contact, causing damage.

There are limited events that can occur, such as competitions like tournaments or contests, giveaways in the form of hidden loot on the map, and flash modes that last for three weeks.

Items come in four different forms; character skins, wearables, hoverboards, and weapons. There are various rarity levels such as normal, premium, rare, and legendary.

Token Information

Light Nite X is on the Solana network and utilizes the Light Nite X (XNITE) tokens. LNC tokens can be earned by ranking highly in in-game modes. It can be spent in the marketplace to buy NFTs.

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