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LoserChick is a play-to-earn blockchain arcade claw-crane game where players can earn CHICK and EGG tokens and own NFTs on the Polygon network. The game allows liquidity and NFT mining, as well as NFT minting and trading. The game is web-based, and it is available to play on browsers.


LoserChick is a game based on egg clawing and mining. Players can play a claw game to earn EGG tokens. First, they need to swap their CHICK tokens into cCHICK, which is the in-game currency, in order to participate in the game. Each attempt at the claw game burns one cCHICK. Players have thirty seconds in the machine to choose and pick up an egg. The crane can be moved and positioned to claw any egg in the machine. After a successful attempt, players will have one cEGG, the in-game version of EGG, and can immediately exchange their cEGG for EGG tokens and claim them to their wallets.

Through the EGG bar, players can mint LoserChick NFTs from actual eggs by depositing their EGGs. Not every egg contains NFTs however, the success rate of minting is about sixty percent. Players can view their NFTs in the LoserClub. NFTs vary in characteristic properties, which affect their appearance. These characteristics range from hats, emotions, clothes, pants, hands, body, shoes, and suits. There are five types of NFTs; shrieking chick, lucky chick, labor chick, boss chick, and trump chick. These types vary in quantity, with the shrieking chick being the rarest.

Players who have CHICK can claw EGGs and use them to mint NFTs, then stake their NFTs to gain even more CHICK tokens. This main gameplay loop creates an economy that is both sustainable and low-cost. Each of these steps acts as a burning mechanic, which lowers the circulating amount of tokens.

Token Information

Players are able to stake their USDC, EGG, and NFTs to earn CHICK tokens. CHICK can be used to gain EGGs, EGGs can be used to mint NFTs. cCHICK and cEGG are the functional and utility variants of their counterparts, and they can only be used in-game. They can’t be withdrawn to player wallets.


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