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Lulu Market

Lulu Market

Lulu Games
Simulation, Strategy, Metaverse


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Lulu Market is a play-to-earn blockchain farming simulation game where players can own NFT land and earn LUCK tokens. Through this farming-style game, players can learn how the real market works in the metaverse. Players in the Lulu Market can plant, collect, and trade for profit. The game is available on PC platforms.


Lulu Market is a part of the metaverse so that players can fully experience owning, buying, and trading the raw materials they earn in-game and adding them to the ecosystem. At the same time, players can exchange their materials for physical goods or trade them at the in-game market. Players are able to trade with one another, hire, and lease each other to help one another. Players can ask their friends to do simple tasks, grow crops, or help with harvesting.

The game features seven different characters that have various roles. Farmers are the crop and fruit suppliers of the game world, miners are the metal providers, retailers are traders who cultivate the marketplace, manufacturers collect and process materials, wholesalers sell raw materials, bankers assist the market retailers, and hedgers hunt for the best prices and try to earn profits. Each role has a unique workflow that has different steps along the way. In order to master these roles, players have to learn and do their jobs.

Lulu Market land NFTs are uncommon and scarce. Each is broken down into six types and five levels. Each type of forest, river, plain, mountain, island, and desert has five levels, which are differentiated by rarity (SSS>SS>S>A>B). There is no land type that is inherently good or bad; however, each type of land will offer a different playing and earning experience. The amount that each land can produce in a day is based on its production capacity and land level. You can earn more rewards as you advance in level. The efficiency and farming capacities of different NFT levels vary. Different crops planted on different types and levels of land will produce different results. Also, you can use LUCK to upgrade your land.

The majority of Lulu Market's gaming income goes into a dividend pool that is officially called the "Farmers' Dividend Pool." Every player who owns LUCK tokens and engages in staking is eligible for a twenty-four hour dividend. The share is determined by taking into account the user's percentage of all stakes on the platform in LUCK tokens that were placed. By staking their NFTs to raise the LUCK staking hash rate, landowners can increase the amount of dividend income they receive. The staking process requires both NFT and LUCK tokens.

Token Information

LUCK token is the native currency of Lulu Market. Players can use LUCK tokens in the marketplace to buy, sell, and exchange NFT and in-game assets. LUCK tokens are essential to landowners if they want to upgrade their land. It is also used in staking for further profits.


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