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Luna Rush

Luna Rush

Helios Entertainment
Strategy, RPG


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Luna Rush is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, LUS. It’s an anime-style idle strategy game in which players can train their warriors to become superior heroes with added multiplayer elements, making it a multiplayer RPG game that players can profit from their battles and gain NFTs.


In Luna Rush, there are 11 different warriors that possess unique skills corresponding to each warrior. To increase the strength of the warriors need fusion and level up, learn more skills and acquire new weapons. Warriors can be purchased on the marketplace or summoned in the game store.

After choosing one of the 11 warriors to start their game, players will build their warriors as they progress. They can level up their warriors and choose different skills and specialize in different weapons as they advance, developing their warriors according to their strategy. Heroes may also get pets as they level up if the player chooses instead of skills to help them in their battles. These heroes can be evolved by fusion which can be earned from in-game actions or by converting their other heroes into spirit material for evolving. As heroes evolve, so do their rarity and become NFTs on their own for players to trade in the game’s marketplace. 

There are three gameplay modes in Luna Rush where players can play and earn tokens and NFTs with their heroes. 

In PvE, players can bring in 1 to 3 warriors to fight daily boss battles. Every day there will be ten boss maps appearing for players to participate in hunting, and defeating the boss of the map unlocks the next boss battle in the line. Players will unlock a boss chests after defeating a boss and can earn rewards. 

PvP takes place in arena battles between players in modes of 1v1 or 3v3, where players gain higher rewards as they advance through the leaderboard and match with players with higher skill level. Special trophies and LUS tokens will be distributed to the top of the leaderboard after each season.

When players’ warriors reach a certain level, they will be able to participate in tournaments with different tournament formats to decide who is the strongest player. 

Luna Rush also allows players to own and tax NFT lands, there are a preset number of 6000 land tiles in the game with different faunas and locations, namely: Frejlord, Zaun, Piltover, Nonia. Landowners can use, rent, or let other players do quests to collect fees. And the closer the land is to an event location, the more beneficial it is in terms of special event playtime.

Players can form their guilds. Guilds help to increase the connection between the players with quests that require the efforts of all members to support the guild's growth and collect valuable rewards. There are special futures unlocked for players who are in a guild, such as an exclusive guild shop where players can buy special items. Guild quests where clans can participate every week that will generate quests with increasing difficulty and rewards. And finally, guild wars where different guilds can challenge each other and stake tokens in high-stakes PvP.

Players can earn tokens by joining the boss hunt every day. Participate in PVP battles to complete missions. Rank high on the leaderboard in each season. Participate in tournaments.

And through special events such as 1x2 events with betting opportunities. To maximize their profits, even more players can put NFT warriors and lands on the market to Rent or Sell.

Token Information

Luna Rush Token (LUS) is the governance token of Luna Rush, issued on Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of LUS is 350,000,000 tokens. These can be used for all in-game actions and trading in the marketplace, they can also be used for staking and governance voting for the game’s development direction or can be exchanged on crypto exchanges.

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Play to Earn & Staking



IDO (LuaStarter)4-5 Jan 2022$0.06$75,0001,249,99820% at TGE, 20% vesting every month throughout 4 months
350,000,000Circulating Supply: 3,780,000$21,000,000
IDO (InfinityPad)
4-4 Jan 2022$0.06$100,0001,666,66720% on TGE, 20% monthly unlock

IDO (BSCStation)4-4 Jan 2022$0.06$85,0001,416,66720% at TGE, 20% vesting every month throughout 4 months

IDO (LaunchZone)4-4 Jan 2022$0.06$150,0002,500,00020% at TGE, 20% vesting every month throughout 4 months

IDO (BinStarter)13 Dec-4 Jan 2022$0.06$200,0003,333,33320% at TGE, 20% vesting every month throughout 4 months

Private/Pre-Sale-$0.032$784,00024,500,000Cliff 4 months, then 7% monthly unlock

Private-$0.04$1,120,00028,000,0006% on TGE, cliff 1 month, then 6% monthly unlock


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