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MAD Metaverse

MAD Metaverse

In Development
MAD Metaverse
Metaverse, RPG
Not available


MAD Metaverse is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT characters and earn BIOMETA tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Player avatars are called MAD Metascientists, which are unique NFTs with various attributes. The game is available to play on PC platforms.


In the game, MAD Metascientists start from level one, and they can progress into five main attributes in the skill tree. Every metascientist has these five basic attributes; physics, biology, sociology, chemistry, and mathematics. These skills have randomized values, and they each have a set of milestones that the players can reach in their journey. They can be leveled up and provide different outcomes depending on which players have progressed. Mathematics can evolve into economics, chemistry and biology can evolve into genetics, physics and mathematics can move into astrophysics, and many more.

The main objective of each player in the game is to locate and harness BIOMETA fuel that exists throughout the MAD Metaverse. This allows players to gain the energy they require to create, destroy, and manipulate themselves. Exploration is the main way to upgrade and level up metascientists. Players can adapt their metascientist according to their findings and choose their own path and area to master. 

Players can utilize the lab to create new organisms that allow access to further gameplay elements. The lab is the place where players can create artificial life and it acts as the main hub for players. The artificial life can be created with metacells and BIOMETA. Metacells can be placed in the chamber known as Petri Dish. There are three possible outcomes; evolution, spawning, and mutations. Evolutions act as rarity upgrades that make metacells more unique, spawning allows the creation of nanocells that can be used in NanoWars which is an in-game arena mode where players can battle, and mutations will create third-party collectibles known as hosts.

Token Information

BIOMETA token is used to level up a character, evolve and create new artificial life, and boost metacell evolutions. It can be traded and bought from the marketplace. BIOMETA can be earned from successful participation in NanoWars and the exploration and harvesting of the metaverse.

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