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Magic Connect

Magic Connect

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Magic Connect is a play-to-earn blockchain turn-based strategy game with its NFT assets, and cryptocurrency, MSHARD. In this free-to-play game, players can create different decks, and strategize their actions to overcome their opponents.


The game revolves around defeating challenges and opponents using NFT assets in different game modes. Therefore, the game offers a wide range of NFTs; characters, weapons, accessories, and more are NFT assets, and players own them. Players can upgrade their NFTs to make them more powerful, including characters. In the game, each character has a total of eight abilities that make it different from another character. Health pool (HP), attack, defense, magic, special, class, weapon type, and element are the main attributes of each character. Each time the characters are leveled up, these attributes increase in parallel with the level as well.

The combat mechanic in the game consists of 4x8 grids. The player owns half of this grid, and the opponent owns the other half. Each character has to act and develop a strategy on the battlefield according to their characteristics. For example, a warrior using melee techniques must be at the forefront to attack his enemy. It is safer for the characters who prefer to attack from afar to stay behind as much as possible. Players can decide the actions of their characters on the battlefield; they can use attack, abilities, special actions, and defend according to the situation and fierceness of the combat.

Dungeons are the backbone of the game, so to speak. There are six different dungeon types in total and the loot to be obtained from each dungeon varies. Timeworn Dungeon is a daily dungeon that resets monthly. With 30 floors in total, Timeworn Dungeon can give players 50 crystals per floor. Story Dungeon is a linear dungeon of nodes with side branches for bonus nodes. Each node is either a story stage or a combat stage for players to experience. Event Dungeon is a dungeon that costs much more energy, but it provides much more loot than other dungeon types. Deep Dungeon is a randomly generated dungeon without any entry limitations. Players can experience this type of dungeon as much as they want. This dungeon has a cap of five floors which generate weekly, transforming into dungeons that players can re-experience with a brand new layout. Elemental Caves are places to farm resources. Players can venture into the seven different cave types, with another cave for each day of the week and farm resources such as scrap, books, and crystals. Lastly, Resource Dungeon is the main dungeon to farm experience points and gold. As the difficulty of this dungeon increases, the resources that players will obtain increase at the same rate. The harder it is, the more gold and experience points for players. 

Token Information

Magic Connect uses MSHARD as its native cryptocurrency. MSHARD can be used to purchase NFT assets such as characters, card packs, mystery boxes, etc. Also, MSHARD holders can vote for the game's future, since the token is used for governance purposes as well. Players can earn MSHARD by simply playing the game.

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