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Strategy, RPG, Action


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MagicCraft is a PvP MOBA action strategy blockchain game where players can own NFT characters and earn MCRT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can participate in matches with sixteen different main characters. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


MagicCraft has a variety of battle arenas, each with a unique design, an objective, and embedded mini-quests. Players can enter a room and join the battle after they have downloaded the game. Each match has a basic set of mechanics. There are two different teams that are tasked with completing the mini-quest in the arena. Every game lasts for five minutes. Players must eliminate the enemies while progressing through the match. Players receive points for each kill, assist, and quest completed. The player who has the most points is awarded an MVP badge and receives a prize in MCRT tokens.

There are three different quest types that are associated with different arenas: Skull Grab, Capture the Points, and Escort the Golem. Skull Grab has the arena covered in purple skulls. Players have to collect as many as they can in order to score more points. If a player dies in battle, all of their collected skulls will fall to the ground for others to pick up. Capture the Points, on the other hand, has players holding three different capture points to have the highest score. Each successful capture grants players an additional point. Lastly, Escort the Golem provides the players with a golem ball in the middle of the arena, which the players have to push inside the enemy team’s zone. The ball is simply pushed by entering inside it; however, players who are inside will be the prime target of the enemies.

The game features sixteen different characters from guilds called The Fallen, The Keepers of Arcana, The NightBinders, The Betrothed, and The Hunters. The Fallen are a team of warriors that are composed of Sir Templus, Brienne, Dr. Lutz, and Gail. The Keepers of Arcana are mages called Karas, Jean, Blazy, and Leila. The NightBinders are a team of assassins comprised of Imorith, Vladislav, Zap, and Amun. Frigard, Vega, and Callie are called The Betrothed; they are the rivals of the Fallen that protect nature. And lastly, The Hunters are ranged warriors that include Trueshot, Tara, Moira, and Craig.

Players can buy NFT items from the marketplace. These items are divided into different categories such as castles, characters, pets, clothing, skins, weapons, armor, and land. Each of these items can come in various rarities that range from common to rare, epic, and legendary. There are also exclusive items that belong to limited collections that the players can earn in certain events.

Token Information

The MCRT token is the native token of MagicCraft that the players can earn from tournaments, winning individual battles, being the MVP of the match, and as a staking reward. These tokens can be used to buy tournament tickets, NFT items and characters, and in-game consumables like power-ups.


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