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Mars Colony

Mars Colony

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Mars Colony is a blockchain-based colonization simulator that utilizes the Harmony network with its NFT lands, and its cryptocurrencies, ONE, and CLNY. In the game, players colonize the planet by purchasing lands on Mars. 


At first glance, the game looks like the Mars-focused version of Google Earth. Players enable the colonization of Mars in the digital world by purchasing suitable areas on the Martian surface. To start the Mars journey, players must own at least one NFT land on the surface of the planet. 

The entire planet is split into 21.000 equal NFT land pieces for players to purchase. Players aka Landowners can upgrade and colonize their lands to increase their income by building various structures such as base stations, transport lines, power production centers, and robot assembly lines. Building structures on an NFT land is optional, however, the improvements that these structures offer boosts the generation capacity of the land and also give additional advantages to its owner. 

Without any structure built on it, a land offers 1 CLNY token a day, while a level 3 power production center built on land can increase the amount of CLNY tokens that can be acquired by four a day. Each level 3 structure provides four additional CLNY tokens daily. For instance, if a player has built a level 3 transport line, robot assembly line, and power production center on their NFT land, they can collect 12 additional CLNY tokens per day.

Token Information

Mars Colony has two cryptocurrencies with different purposes. ONE is used to claim NFT lands on Mars. CLNY is the governance token of the game. It can be used for building structures and staking. Players can earn CLNY tokens from their purchased NFT lands, staking, and trading. Since every land on Mars is an NFT asset, it can be bought, sold, or traded on the marketplaces.


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