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Mech Master

Mech Master

In Development
Mirai Studio
RPG, Strategy


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Mech Master is a play-to-earn turn-based strategy game that utilizes the BNB blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, MECH. In Mech Master players will use their squad of mechas in turn-based battles and customize their squad using RPG mechanics to earn and monetize their rewards.


The centerpiece of Mech Master’s gameplay is Mecha NFTs which consist of 6 body parts: head, core, torso, arm, leg, and miscellaneous. The rarity of each part determines the total powers of Mecha and the benefits that Mecha has. Mechas can be categorized into seven races. Each race has its strength and weakness and different play styles. Some mechas excel at range whilst some are utilized as tanks, for example. Players will need to form a squad of 3 to 5 of these mechas in order to start playing and joining battles.

Game modes are currently limited to PvP battles. The battles are turn-based, which means that each Mecha takes turns traveling across the map and fighting rival Mechas. The map is made up of several hexagon tiles, each with its own terrain aspect associated with it. There is a variety of elements players need to utilize and manage in order to win these battles. These differ from mecha pilots, unique guns, pilots, and equipment to weather effects or picking a commander that gives different bonuses. Winning these battles result in token and item rewards as well as advancing in the MMR leaderboard, which in turn results in higher rewards.

Players can also earn resources through the Moonland mechanic. Moonland is an interactive 3D Virtual World of the Moon, divided into land plots each represented by a unique NFT. Players can buy their own land plot on the Moon. After owning a land plot, players can build Moonbases, and facilities, create new Mechas, weapons, pilots, and mine in-game resources such as Dark Matter, which can be used to empower Mechas. Players can earn through trading the resources they acquire through these facilities or selling mech parts or Mechas on the marketplace. They can also rent their facilities or Mechas to other players in exchange for coins.

Token Information

Mech Master Token, MECH is an ERC-20 governance token and the game’s main utility token based on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and PolkaFoundry network for the Mech universe. MECH holders can use their tokens to stake play the game and participate in DAO governance. Players will be able to earn MECH tokens when competing in various in-game activities, and events within the game or by trading on the game’s marketplace.

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IDO (GameFi)23-23 Oct 2021$0.04$100,0002,500,00033.3% at TGE. Then linearly over 2 months.
650,000,000Market cap: $492,960$26,000,000
IDO (Red Kite)23-23 Oct 2021$0.04$97,0002,425,00033.3% at TGE. Then linearly over 2 months.

Circulating Supply: 12,324,000
Private (Red Kite)23-23 Oct 2021$0.03$50,0001,666,66615% at TGE, then 17% over 5 quarters

Private (GameFi)23-23 Oct 2021$0.03$50,0001,666,66615% at TGE, then 17% over 5 quarters

Private-$0.03$1,850,00061,666,66815% at TGE, then 17% over 5 quarters

Seed-$0.015$341,25022,750,000Cliff 1 month, then linearly over 16 months


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