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Mechaverse is a play-to-earn strategy gamefi platform that utilizes the BSC blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, MC and MG. In Mechaverse, players will assemble a team of mecha heroes and participate in battles, form guilds, develop their heroes, and play gacha games to earn rewards.


In Mechaverse, a mysterious alien force that can cross dimensions has invaded the earth. The mecha heroes assembled and started a war to save the earth. Players can assemble their NFT mecha heroes and fight against each other and enemies on a strategic map, customizing their heroes and adjusting their formations to outwit their opponents and win their battles.

In PvE mode, the player can organize their heroes to fight the aliens along the invasion route. If they can defeat these aliens, they will be rewarded with MM tokens. The more numerous the player heroes are, the better their chances are of winning the battle. Correspondingly, with higher difficulties, the rewards will also be higher. PvP mode works similarly; players who have a better understanding of game mechanics and hero fundamentals will outplay their opponents, and as they rise through the ranks of the leaderboard, they will receive more rewards from their battles. Players need to learn how to utilize their heroes' strengths and compensate for their weaknesses, creating the best formations out of them to come out as the stronger team.

Players are rated in PvP encounters based on the number of points they have acquired. Once a month, the ranking will be refreshed. The ranking at the conclusion of the season will be based on points, and the best players will win massive prizes such as MCW tokens and other loot.

There are also other game modes, such as Auto Chess, in which players select heroes from a shared random card pool and build their own teams. In this mode, heroes will perform fully automatic moves and attacks, and players will need to strategize beforehand in order to win. The second bonus mode is the Battle Royale mode, or "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". Each of the 100 players can choose a mecha to form a team with three other players to survive. Teams can help each other and fight against other teams, and the last team that fights to the end will be the sole receiver of the grand prize. There will also be PvE boss challenges every week. Players can gain points depending on the damage dealt to the boss, and the final player to kill the boss will gain an increased reward, fending off the invasion for a short time.

Mechaverse also allows the formation of guilds, with higher guild-based rewards for guild quests and incentives for guild members. There’s also a special clan-based PvP mode called Guild War, in which the 16 most powerful guilds will be selected for battle and each guild will pick six members to form a team, for a total of 16 teams. These teams will continue to play in the five PVP matches and will be rewarded based on ranking. 

The NFTs come in the form of mecha heroes, all of whom have different types of attacks and skills that complement each other. They can be upgraded by spending MM tokens to increase their "stars,"  or in other words, their levels and stats.

There’s also a bonus Mecha Gacha game. It needs game coupons to participate that can be bought with native game tokens or obtained directly from playing the game itself. The players will have a limited energy bar that’s spent as they play the gashapon machine. The game mechanic works like a slot machine that gives various rewards and assets. They can get NFT fragments and put them together to mint NFTs; all of the rewards will be directly tradable on the Kucoin exchange.

Token Information

MM is the game’s main utility token that will be used for various in-game activities or buying blind boxes with rewards from the game’s market. The coin will be issued indefinitely and can be exchanged in MM/BNB pairs on DEX. MC is the game’s premium and DAO governance token that will be released in limited numbers. Both currencies can be staked for passive income.


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