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Cryptomeda (TECH)

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Developer Cryptomeda
Volume $4.71 K


Ethereum 0x6286A9e6f7e745A6D884561D88F94542d6715698


Meda Shooter is a play-to-earn blockchain side-scroller where players can earn TECH tokens and own NFT heroes on the Polygon and Ethereum networks. The game is a part of the Cryptomeda ecosystem and it takes place in the same galaxy. Meda Shooter is available to play on browsers.


Meda Shooter features heroes of a divided society that are represented by two sides; Goliath and Renegade. Players control heroes to fight against the swarm in the endless side-scroller. Using the NFT heroes and weapons, players can get increasingly powerful and upgrade them. Before going into battle, players can select their NFT heroes and weapons, which decide their playstyle. Each NFT determines the player’s attributes such as health points, armor, ability cooldown time, movement speed, damage, critical chance, and fire rate per minute. There are also abilities that become available after the player completes different conditions. Shield ability is unlocked when the player stakes their tokens, chain gun is for goliath faction NFTs, deep wound is available for the renegade faction NFTs, and snap ability is usable by revolution and influencer NFTs.

After selecting a hero and a weapon, players can start the game. The gameplay features the hero character automatically moving and shooting its way through. Players can control the movement, which weapon, and abilities to use. There is a continuous wave of swarm enemies that are moving toward the player. Players must decide whether to dodge them or kill them. Many of these enemies drop a perk point when defeated. When the player has a certain amount of perk points, they are given the option to choose one of the three perks presented. Players can find usable ammo-limited guns while on their way, which are generally more powerful than the default rifle. Enemies also drop health stimpacks and armor that the player can collect to survive.

Token Information

TECH tokens are the native currency of the Cryptomeda ecosystem. They can be used to gain perks, compete in tournaments, and make purchases from the marketplace in Meda Shooter. They can be earned from successful participation in various game modes.

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Meda Shooter

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